How to Choose a New Optical Drive for My Laptop?

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It is really a bad luck that I bought a laptop with a bad optical drive two years ago. And obviously it did not work. I have tried several times to play DVD. The results made me feel frustrated.

I have made my decision to change it to a good one for two reasons. First, I will start using my laptop to enrich my spare time for watching movies and some documentary film. Second,I will start my children education using my laptop. Although it seems impossible now for a peaceful using process with a baby boy tapping here and there with his little fingers.

How to choose a new optical drive for my laptop?

There are internal DVD drives and external DVD drives. However, I don’t have an external DVD drive. So It sounds a good idea for me to choose a internal notebook DVD drive.

There are two flavors: CD Optical Driver and DVD optical drive. I want a DVD. All DVD drives can read CDs, so there’s no point in buying a plain CD drive.

The next is important for me. I want to record DVDs and burn DVDs. Most optical drives that record support all the standards. I do not want to burn CDs, so I don’t need a combo drive. I only need a optical drive that can read and write discs.

How about the interface of optical DVDs?

There are three main types of DVD drive interface: IDE, SATA and ATA. I should know and compare the features to select one.

IDE is the older of these technologies, so any computer built before 2006 will be very likely to have IDE connectors. Any computer built since mid-2007 will be very likely to have SATA connectors. ATA: The daddy of all hard drive and optical drive connectors is the ATA, which stands for AT Attachment. The AT came from the IBM PC AT computer, introduced in the 1980s. Yes, it’s an old standard.

What about Blu-ray DVD?

Blu-ray is the current top-of-the-line optical drive standard developed by Sony. High capacity and with high prices, and much software cannot support blu-ray or do not compatible with blu-ray DVDs. Considering all these limitations, I gave up blu-ray dvd drive.After checking the hardware information and the connections instructions, I decided to buy a SATA interface laptop DVD drive.

Finally I choose this Genuine Lenovo Thinkpad Dvd 8x Sata Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive.And I will start my plan to make home movies with my laptop and burn them to dvds.Stay tuned for my stories.


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How do I connect a laptop to TV?

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Questions: How do I connect my laptop to my TV? In that case, I will always watch my videos, TVs or movies on the big screen in our hall. This question is haunting me for a long time. And I finally determined to cope with it.

First, I would like to list the benefits of connecting a laptop to TV for me:

1. Watching movies, podcasts, TV and videos on my biggest Plasma TV. Large Screen experience as watching in the cinema.
2. Meantime, we can surf the Internet freely with the tiny laptop on comfortable sofas or with a laptop stand.
3. Make a home theatre atmosphere with DIY popcorn.
4. Share wonderful screens with all your families
5. Video call with my families who are far away.
Thinking of this, I can’t help to resolve it in no time.

Part One. Before start, which materials do I need?

Find the right Port of my laptop and TV. There may be DVI Port, HDMI port, VGA port.
We need to find all our videos and audios ports of the laptop and TV. And if the port can’t be connected together, you may need an adapter cable. a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter. you might need to use an audio patch cable to connect the notebook’s audio to either the HDTV or a nearby set of speakers. Still, a direct, wired connection is the best method if you value speed over all else.
Apple TV is the best solution for Macbook user.

Part Two: With these tools and materials, How to set and connect my laptop to TV?

The following video is a good step by step guide. You can watch it carefully before setting it.

Part three:With other products to solve directly.—the most easiest way

Most Convenient and easiest : WiDi . Use intel WiDi around $50. But you need an notebook computer with WiDi built-in, and most current Intel-based Windows notebooks should already have that covered.

Part Four: Enjoy home theatre with our family.

Enjoy my video call with my mommy and sister from far away. And then watch “Furious 7” with DVD inserting into my laptop.


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How to Speed Up Firefox: Make your Firefox run Faster


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I have encountered a problem that my Firefox browser keeps freezing and is very slow. And I found the following awesome solutions by Abhishek Macwan. Quote the article and Share with my blog readers as the following. After fixing the problem, my laptop has greatly sped up. You needn’t do all of these. some of these actions being done can save your time when surfing with Firefox. Good luck!

firefox-logo.bee1d85af18f Mozilla Firefox is one of the top internet browser with more than 20 million users.Why?because it gives smooth browsing experience and various options to personalize the browser according to one’s choice.The reason why we are here is because many times Mozilla Firefox lags during browsing or crash due to some reason.The worse case where nothing is wrong but Firefox works very slowly Here is a bunch of useful stuff gathered from worlds of far and beyond(mainly from internet :p) to help you out with your quest to destroy all problems and restore balance in your Firefox browser.The information included in article can solve almost all browsing issues due to low internet connection or any other technical fault.If you are not into Firefox that much,Google Chrome is other browser equally popular like Firefox.

Google Chrome is one of the competitor for Mozilla Firefox for the throne of browser king.If you are Google Chrome user then you can check how you can do this shit.Personally I prefer Mozilla Firefox.If you share same view as me,read along.

Read: 3 Settings that can make Chrome run faster

1.An Obvious Solution
Like the title says, solution is in front of you. Add-ons and Plugins are one of the features provided by browser.User can customize the browser to make a tailer-made browser,which can suit their needs.Disabling Add-ons and plugins can increase performance a lot.Now you need them for different things.So disabling them when you clearly know you wont need them(for now) can help to increase the speed.If you have installed new plugins and started experiencing slow speed,it’s like wisely due to that new plugin.Disabling or uninstalling may help getting speed back.

Now let’s talk about plugin that can help improving speed. Fasterfox  is one of option to enhance browsing speed.It gives various features which you can check on their site.Other option is Fastestfox.As name suggests it gives multiple functions like paralleled downloads,improve searching,auto loading next page and much more.
If you are visiting sites with lot of advertisements,Adblock-Plus is right extension for you.It blocks almost all advertisement on sites including even YouTube.It will increase loading speed by not loading ads.But I would not recommend using it since many sites including YouTube depends on advertisements for revenue.Using the extension all time will be like stealing money from them.There is other plugin ,flashblock which blocks flash animation.Which is also good to speed up loading in Firefox.
Lastly check whatever plugins and extension you using are compatible with current version of browser.Upgrade your browser and extensions to latest update.

2.Sneaky Installer 
It actually applies to all browser,not just only firefox.Also it almost covers in earlier section but I will still shed some more light on it.
Many times installing some software on system also install stuff you don’t need.Usually trial version of software or open-source software install package have such things.When you open the installation package,it will first ask for directory in which you want to install the particular software.After that it will ask for if you want to install some other tools that software company promoting.You may have seen “install toolbar” or “set this page as your homepage” etc stuff in installation.They are not harmful,but adding toolbars and page which you don’t need is not good idea.
Also try to avoid hitting “next,next,next ,install” in any software installation.Open the Control Panel from Start Menu and then “Add or Remove Program” and check the whole list.See if you can find any unfamiliar software or tools.
In simple terms,remove unwanted toolbars from screen and hell,even from system.Also try to avoid unnecessary toolbars which updates time to time.For example,a weather toolbar will keep check for updated weather status,which takes some of your internet speed.

3.You Can’t Change Your Past,So Just Erase It
Yes,Erasing your Past will help you a lot.By past means history of Mozilla Firefox.Every website you visit,it will certainly have lot of pictures,maybe background music,different fonts,videos and again more images,thumbnails etc etc.Also don’t forget the address of website itself.Firefox stores every little data from site you visited.It includes everything from web address to all images.They are stored as “cached data”

Why Firefox do it?Because if you visit the same page again you visited before,it will directly load the particular data from it’s cached memory.Resulting faster loading from page since browser won’t have to download everything again.Clearing this cached memory may increase the speed.

But wait,I just said that this cached data will help loading page faster,then why should delete it?Because many times database gets larger and can affect the Firefox.The updated content from a already visited page will take more time and increase more browsing data.So in any case,clearing them time to time will help gaining better speed.

Process are easy.Just go to History > Clear Recent History for quick delete.It will clear all your history.So how about deleting Cached data?Just go to Tools > Options > and go to last tab “Advanced” and clear data.You done.
4.Rocket Science
Ok,so it’s have nothing to do with a rocket science at all.It covers some advanced settings which you have to do it yourself,manually.It requires modifying the values of different processes used by Firefox.They are little tweaks you have to put ,whatever you like.Note that it can make Firefox more unstable and can give you errors if not done properly.So are you ready to do little programming?

There are multiple things you can change.First step are same in every setting.Go to address bar (The bar where you type website address,if not known) and type about:config and hit enter.Here comes the list:

A]Enabling Pipelining 

Usually Firefox sends request and wait for reply.Like sending request to particular website server and receive website content as response.You get the point.Now pipeline allows you to send multiple requests at same time.To do so
Type about:config in address bar and hit enter.
Look For the network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining from the list
Double-click both values and changed it to true,one by one.This will enable pipelining
Now look for network.http.pipelining.maxrequests,change it’s value to 8 or whatever you like.Firefox will send max number of requests according to number you put in it.But by putting high number,it will like wisely reduce the speed or even crash the browser.
If anything goes wrong,just change the values of network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining to “false” again.
B]Fast Rendering 

For fast page loading,Firefox displays whatever it download at every 0.12 seconds.You can reduce this time for more faster loading.Steps are as below.

Drill is same.Type about:config and hit Enter.
Right click anywhere in window and select New > Integer.
Give it name:”content.notify.interval“,press OK.
Enter 500000 and press OK again.
You are halfway now.Right click on window and this time go to New > Boolean.
Create a value called content.notify.ontimer and set it to true.
Again,If things go backwards,delete newly created values.
C]Enable HTTP Cache
This tweak is useful when/if you are experiencing slow and sluggish Firefox. It could help cutting some of UI lags/issues you facing with Firefox. Mozilla Team is working on some new performance
tweaks for newer version of Firefox. One of them is a feature named “HTTP Cache”. Basically HTTP
Cache solve the slow Firefox UI issues. It is not set as default so you can enable it using same old way.So here is how it is done.

Type about:config in upper Firefox Address bar and hit Enter.
Search for the following: browser.cache.use_new_backend .
Double Click it and change the value from 0 to 1.
This should Enable the HTTP Cache.
You can disable it by changing it back to 0 from 1.
There are some more settings but I will say that they are not safe to play with.So I would not mention it.

A few uncategorized methods ,which you can try to increase the overall performance of Firefox.

There is a old tool named tools compress data means reduce it’s size.It will re-route to their own server and compress the data.Compressed data means low amount of data to download.It also helps saving the bandwidth.You can know more about it at .

This  method runs Firefox directly in RAM,Which speed ups the Firefox.For more details
Funny as it sounds,you can check official Mozilla Firefox site for solution Here.

6.Last Resort
If you still getting slow speed,uninstall the Firefox and install it again.A clean copy of Mozilla Firefox will work like a charm And also disable or uninstall anything you using for increasing speed.Sometimes it is best not to use anything.If you still not satisfied,then all I can say is try to get a better Internet Connection.It is the ultimate cure for slow speed.I guess article ends here.Comments are appreciated.Check out: Increasing your internet speed (Things you should know)


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How to Make Your Laptop Wallpaper Perfect?

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Choosing unique and beautiful computer wallpaper can really make your workspace more pleasant and appealing you to use with a happy mood. Don’t only take the dull default setting pictures as your laptop wallpapers. The wallpaper world is full of newbie and colorful elements for you to explore. How to make your computer with your delicate wallpaper? There are the following steps.

First, check the screen resolution of your laptop. Where to check? Go into control panel/display & see what you have got your screen resolution set at.

Second, set a theme for your laptop in your mind.  For examples, there are several categories of themes, people, cartoon, landscape, woman, man, animals and stars. As to me, I would love to choose landscape or cartoon.

Third, set your favorite image as your wallpaper. You can search and download from the internet. Or you can select one from your camera photos.  If the picture is not very perfect, you can edit them with your photo editing software.  There are lots of photo editing software. The most professional and widely used is Adobe Photoshop.

And in the end, I would love to share some of my collections of wallpapers. These wallpapers are not only beautiful but are also eye-protected.

wallpaper3 wallpaper4 wallpaper5 wallpaper7 wallpaper9 1壁纸 Green leaves Z

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How to Make Your Laptop Run Faster?

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I have being so frustrated by this question: How to make my laptop run faster?  When I was writing a document, the computer froze frequently. When a business man contacts me by skype, the talk window sometimes freezes. I really hate a pokey computer. Slow computer not only harm your business, your mood, and can ruin your important files in seconds when it is locking up and interrupt your normal life or business.


There are the following ways to speed your laptop computer.

1. Remove the unused software on your computer.

You had better check your installed computer from time to time. We usually install some instant use application and never use it again. Check and list it , and then uninstall them all.

2. If your program is all essential one, just enlarge your memory.

Enlarging the memory to enhance the efficiency of working on your computer is quite important. And the memory is not as expensive as before. Just give your computer a larger memory and space to run more programs.

3. Use a cleaner to clean the using history.

If you are a computer expert, you can delete the temporary files, personal histories from time to time. If you are not good at finding these files, just apply a cleaner software. Ther e are so many of them. Choose one of high rates from Cnet or other download sites. It is of significant to choose one that suite you.

4. Spy your computer program.

Take care of the computer virus. Some probably slow down your computer or eat your memory.

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How to Protect Your Laptop Computer

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Nowadays, more and more criminals did evils using Internet and laptop and computers. The laptop’s portability makes it easy to be stolen by thieves. It may be a disaster to lose one’s laptop. There are lots of people storing their personal data , photos or important files in their laptops. Check the following tips about how to protect your laptop computer.

1. Using a Physical bag or lock

We always ignore the physical locks for a computer, because we take it as granted that we have locked the login process by system or software . Keep in mind that no system or passwards are extremly safe. You may not keep an eye on your guest account for example.

2. Install security software

The security software for your laptop is essential. You had better own a pro version for safety. It worth sparing money on security software than crying after your computer data being leaked.

After install your security software, scan your laptop regularly to avoid the potential risk, such as malware, spyware, fish software etc.

3. Back up your data on a regular base

Losing your data is a disaster for every laptop owner. So keep in mind that do your data backup regularly and it is better to store them out of your laptop computer. For instance, your backups can be saved on a CD, DVD disk or other hard disks.

4. Never store your passwards on your computer.

This is a controversy topic. We both need convenience and security. But security is on earth of the most important. Be careful to use any passwards management software and avoid typing your passwards as plain texts in your laptop. Don’t Store Passwords. It doesn’t matter how many obscure punctuation marks your password has if your computer automatically remembers all of your passwords.

5. Protect yourself.

Keep yourself safe is very important.


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Laptop Disc drive not working – How to resolve it

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My disc drive does not read any DVD or CD anymore. I was worried. And this is so terrible. But I have got suggstions and share with you.
Examine the disc you’re exploitation. If you start to own issues along with your pc drive, the primary factor you must continually check is that the information facet of the CD or videodisc you’re making an attempt to use. If the disc has any dirt, smudges or scratches thereon, this might stop the drive’s optical device from having the ability to scan the information.

Clean the disc with a soft, dry artifact before making an attempt to use it once more.Clean the drive’s optical device. On a pc drive, the a part of the device that scans and reads the information from the disc you’re exploitation is that the optical device. If that optical device is blocked by dirt or dirt on the within of the drive itself, it’ll be unable to work properly. Use a will of compressed gas to spray out the drive whereas the door is open before continued.

Make sure the drive hasn’t come back unplugged from the pc. If your computer’s drive is internal, open up the case and take a glance within. There ought to be a cable that goes from the rear of the drive to your computer’s motherboard. If this cable has come back unplugged, plug it back in, as this might cause the drive to not perform in any respect.

Make sure your USB or Firewire ports square measure operating if you have got associate external drive that plugs into your pc via USB or Firewire. infix different devices that you simply apprehend square measure operating, and see what the results square measure. Plug the drive into another pc that you simply apprehend is functioning. If the ports have gone unhealthy, you’ll got to take your pc to a fix-it shop and have them replaced.

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Useful Tips to Protect You From Online Fraud

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Online cheat is becoming more and more common nowadays. Because the hacker gets more advanced power, and also we may leak our privacy information through online shopping and Social Media. All risks are existing. And the malware are big threats too. We simply don’t take seriously enough about Online fraud. Because many of us have online transactions on a daily basis for daily life use or business use.

Here we will look at some ways to prevent you being a victim of online cheats or information being leaked. Remember three basic points. Keep safe of your card information, and your phone number and address information.  Keep Safe of your card passwords and set them with difficult models.

Choose a reliable online Shopping site

Before buying action, you should first find a reliable shopping sites. Ensure that the sites is malware free, the cash system is safe and if possible, contact the seller before buy leads. Find reviews and comments about your aim brand and listen to the previoud persons’s opinions. Make sure to check the related reviews about the site or the brand.

Build Strong Passwards.

If one has access to your passwards, everthing related to this account will be unsafe.  You just remember login in your important accounts using your own laptop or not in the public computers. Once you login into it the cookies still exsit there. Set your strong passwards,  the best way to avoid having your password cracked is to use as obscure a password as possible that involves lots of letters and lots of numbers. It’s also worth applying a similar logic to your user name which is something many people don’t realise can be almost as effective.

Use a safe Pay Method – like PayPal

PayPal is a pain for retailers because they take a percentage of the transactions from their end. When it’s offered though, that’s the seller’s problem and not yours – for you it’s great news because it means you don’t have to give any details other than an e-mail address

Separate your accounts

To use a separate banking account for online transactions is a good idea to keep safe. If you want to pay for sth, and then just transfer the anount of money to it. So that you keep your important card safe and do online transaction using another empty card in case of anyone empty your primary card.

Use your Anti-Spyware to scan your PC regularly

Be careful of spyware, and scan the computer regularly to remove suspicious object.


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Windows 8 : Make Your Laptop Life Easier or Confused

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Microsoft released Windows 8 and delivered a completely new lifestyle of laptop life. But Does it make your laptop life easier or you are baffled a lot by the new ways of operation method?

A Mom said it was very difficult to get used to for her 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, and they never got used to it. The familiar Windows Desktop is still available through one of the tiles, and most programs will open up in that environment. But since the Start button is gone, users will have to flip back and forth between the desktop and the tile screen. Instead of the Start menu and icons familiar Windows 8 displays applications as a colorful array of tiles, which may be updated information from applications. For example, the “Photos” tile shows an image from the collection of the user, and the “People” tile shows pictures social media contacts of the user. (Microsoft is authorized to use the AP content in applications Windows 8 news.)

Windows 8 runs on computers with processing chips made ​​by Intel Corp. or Advanced Micro Devices Inc. There is a basic version designed for consumers and a Pro version for more tech-savvy users and companies. Borrowing Playbook Apple, Microsoft allows for RT applications only from its online store, and applications must meet the Content Guidelines and others. Once Windows 8 is on, most machines will sell this version of Windows.It is possible to buy Windows 7 machines or upgrade to Windows 7, if you have command line and your choice may be limited to games or commercial machines.Microsoft did not say that the deadline for Windows 7 will, but expect to be able to buy Windows 7 as an upgrade for another year or preinstalled on a new machine for two years.After Windows 7 was released in October 2009,For example, retailers were still allowed to sell boxes versions of its predecessor, Vista, until October 2010. PC manufacturers were able to sell Vista machines until October 2011.Microsoft plans to continue to provide technical support for Windows 7 until 14 January 2020.

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How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster

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How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster? I will summarize my common methods as the following.
1.Close the unnecessary startups. Type “msconfig” in the cmd dialog and press “Enter” . Once it opens, you can click the “Startup” tab. If you recognize a program that you don’t think you need to start up when Windows boots, clear the checkbox next to it. Meantime, please uncheck the unnecessary service.
2.Cease the auto running programme theads and applications.  There are always many programmes setting as auto running in the background. And they take up too much space for useless running. Open the task manager, and select these entries to stop them.

3. Use the system clean software to clear the running accessories files and temp files in your laptop. Usually, a cleaner software includes all these functions and you just start it, But the risk of it is the file damage or lost chance.  So make sure that you are familiar with the tool and it performs rather well.
4. Device Manager. When you see the loading screen in Windows that says “Starting Windows”, the operating system loads all of your device drivers and essential services. Obviously, disabling some of the drivers that Windows loads will help speed up the loading time a bit. To do this, you must enter the device manager within Windows 7:1: Click the Start menu and then “Control Panel”.2: Once inside the control panel, click “Hardware and Sound.”
5. Upgrade your hardware. Hardware accelaration will greatly boost your PC. CPU & GPU are two important factors, especially when you use a lot of multimedia software. If necessary, expand memory to make your PC more faster.


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