Notebook Battery Technology of Several Laptop Manufacturers

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Now let us talk about the laptop battery technology of several brands. Lightweight, flexible, simple to hold a portable computer brand, these options conjointly enable users to discretionary, anytime, anyplace employing a laptop. however the portable computer is?Apple battery replacement ?life, personal computer technology has been a bottleneck, if the facility has been ready to prolong the additional wondrous life. so we are able to be really free-wheeling use of notebook computers and luxuriate in the right mobile applications.We area unit happy to examine that several notebook makers area unit perpetually operating to defend the mobile application, providing a very versatile application platform.

Toshiba electric cell

Toshiba is that the response within the quickest company in March this year has launched the most recent electric cell. The alcohol fuel cells for power provide with just about 10cc, provides ten hours of replacement Toshiba battery life (not the check of time), mobile applications will absolutely guarantee the time, even on the road to relish a optical disc motion picture, or play a number of games Board can work without concern of impact.

Although this battery size somewhat giant, however it’s plain that this battery so we actually relish the fun of mobile applications, needn’t worry regarding it 2 or 3 hours of battery life can it have an effect on the work, don’t at any time carrying the significant power adapter.

1 minutes to finish eightieth of the charge

The HP battery charging time is longer for the shortcomings of portable computer development of latest merchandise, it are often completed at intervals one minute eightieth of battery capability is stuffed. Meanwhile, the battery remains atiny low lithium-ion battery, energy density blessings.

The new batteries use nano-particles as new materials, nano-particles with a balance of fastened technology, the primary time the electrical polarization, therefore, not solely to attain a brand new battery quick charging, and charging and discharging the battery once a thousand cycles the capability loss of just one, that makes the merchandise have an extended life cycle. additionally, even in temperatures as low as minus forty ℃, this product will keep eightieth of the discharge capability, absolutely well-tried its ability to temperature atmosphere, ready to span the temperature vary of stable performance.

LG Fuel Cells

Shorter life caused embarrassment attaches nice importance to makers, LG is additionally active during this space associated with analysis and development, the employment of alcohol electric cell portable computer official look this year, and can before long reach the top market.It is understood, LG engineered a tool of this electric cell, through the device are often element, alcohol and different energy into voltage, and general notebook battery distinction is that fuel cells don’t need to charge, as long because the provide of fuel are often run. At a similar time, this lifetime of the electric cell up to 4000 hours, on top of the common battery lifetime of eight times. Life, for a quick portable computer battery provides ten hours of HP EliteBook 2530p battery life (not the check of time).The only regret is that the present style of this battery is simply plug-in kind, we’d like to hold the work alone. However, this hassle are often utilized in exchange for ten hours of application time, i feel each friend would agree.

30 seconds is choked with ultra-thin battery

NEC declared a brand new ultra-thin reversible battery are often bent. The battery it uses a zero.3mm ultra-thin electrodes, the employment of special materials for the solution so it are often completed at intervals thirty seconds the battery charge. appearance from the surface, this battery as a American state card, will store power per sq. metric linear unit 1mAh, and no reversible batteries usually utilized in ancient significant metal atomic number 48 and lead pollution to the atmosphere.

Solar charger portable computer bag

In addition, some shrewd makers still request a breakthrough in different ways that, following this charge at any time exploitation solar power for the personal computer bag could be a nice plan.

The higher than is that the Eclipse Gear star R & D of a portable computer bag. The portable computer bag with integrated star cells on one aspect, you’ll be able to move into the personal computer users bag, whereas the employment of solar power to recharge the portable computer batteries work. When selecting a battery, manufacturers will often list an amount of “cells,” where each cell has a certain capacity. Lithium Ion battery with max. cells and additional component battery is highly recommended.

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Toshiba Qosmio X870-119 NoteBook – 3D Gaming Laptop

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Toshiba Qosmio X870-119 Notebook is a 3D gaming laptop with powerful features. It support mobile 3D and HD displays.Toshiba Qosmio X870-119 has great performance and is with Premium entertainment features. The built-in 3D capabilities sounds great.


With this notebook, you can enjoy games and movies in truly immersive 3D. Enjoy from your laptop screen or output to a compatible 3D display.

The main features are as followings:

More power. The Toshiba Qosmio X870-119 Notebook is loaded up with Windows 8 systems and with ultra speedy Hybrid Hard Drive options that allow you up to 2TB of on-board storage.You can also has it with its USB 3.0 ports. And You can get high speed connectivity Ethernet.

Entertainment features. The Toshiba Qosmio X870-119 is equipped with powerful multimedia playback and video play functions.

Communication For network connectivity, the Qosmio X870 has an Intel Centrino Wireless N 2230?card, as well as a RJ45 port which is connected to the Atheros AR8161/8165 card (Gigabit), The Intel card supports the most widespread WLAN standards 802.11b/g/n. Bluetooth 4.0 is also integrated in the system.

Accessories Despite the higher price, Toshiba has not included any accessories with the system. The only add-ons available are the power supply unit, some documentation for the laptop and the important warranty. If the buyer has purchased the 2D version of the laptop, then a pair of 3D shutter glasses is included with USB cables for charging.

Maintenance The hardware is easily accessible through a large panel at the bottom of the laptop. The panel is secured using a screw located above the battery that is covered by rubber stopper that needs to be removed with the help of a needle or a sharp screwdriver. On removal of the cover, you will gain access to the hard drive and the SSD drive, two of the four RAM slots and the Intel Centrino WLAN card. We were stunned by the way the SSD looked like it was held by just connectors with no other type of securing device. On closer examination, we realized the soft protective support provided to seat it securely in its position. The fan and sink are not easily accessible to a normal user and needs some skill to remove it. But this could lead to users voiding their warranties.

Warranty Toshiba offers warranty for a period of two years for all Qosmio models. If you complete the Toshiba warranty registration, your machine will be picked up within Germany and Austria in case of a defect. As mentioned previously, to be eligible for that service,?you will need to register with Toshiba (customer support).

Long Battery Life For 3D game playing laptop, to have a long battery life is very important. It uses the latest battery technology to extend the battery. It saves the charging time and extends the battery maintenance time.

For more original test ,you can click here.


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How to Protect Your Laptop Computer

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Nowadays, more and more criminals did evils using Internet and laptop and computers. The laptop’s portability makes it easy to be stolen by thieves. It may be a disaster to lose one’s laptop. There are lots of people storing their personal data , photos or important files in their laptops. Check the following tips about how to protect your laptop computer.

1. Using a Physical bag or lock

We always ignore the physical locks for a computer, because we take it as granted that we have locked the login process by system or software . Keep in mind that no system or passwards are extremly safe. You may not keep an eye on your guest account for example.

2. Install security software

The security software for your laptop is essential. You had better own a pro version for safety. It worth sparing money on security software than crying after your computer data being leaked.

After install your security software, scan your laptop regularly to avoid the potential risk, such as malware, spyware, fish software etc.

3. Back up your data on a regular base

Losing your data is a disaster for every laptop owner. So keep in mind that do your data backup regularly and it is better to store them out of your laptop computer. For instance, your backups can be saved on a CD, DVD disk or other hard disks.

4. Never store your passwards on your computer.

This is a controversy topic. We both need convenience and security. But security is on earth of the most important. Be careful to use any passwards management software and avoid typing your passwards as plain texts in your laptop. Don’t Store Passwords. It doesn’t matter how many obscure punctuation marks your password has if your computer automatically remembers all of your passwords.

5. Protect yourself.

Keep yourself safe is very important.


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Can I play Blu-ray DVD player on my Laptop computer? What else is needed

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Can I play Blu-ray disc as Star Wars in my DVD player to the computer?”  by Susan White.

The short answer to your question is that you can not play a Blu-ray support on your DVD player to the computer if the DVD drive is a Blu-ray player. If a standard DVD player supported Blu-ray read our entertainment options would be much easier. Instead of special hardware is required for Blu-ray discs. Think about the jump from DVD to Blu-ray as something similar to the jump from a standard CD DVD. A DVD player can usually play a CD, but a CD player can not play a DVD. Blu-ray has a similar problem. For playback on your computer, there are additional challenges beyond just having the right equipment.

Additional requirements for watching Blu-ray movies

In addition to the need for a Blu-ray drive connected to your computer, you also need several additional features before watching a Blu-ray movie.

HDCP is required for both the video card in your computer and the monitor you connect to the video card. The rules are slightly different for the desktop and laptop.

HDCP and Desktops: If the video card has an HDMI connection, you can usually assume that it also supports HDCP. In some cases, DVI-out on video cards also support HDCP, but this is very contradictory. Checking with the support site for the manufacturer of the video card is the only way to know for sure. If your video card has only VGA connections, you need to update your video card to watch Blu-ray movies with your computer. The monitors are a little trickier, because often they do not clear whether it is HDCP compatible or not. VGA input on a monitor will not support HDCP, in most cases, DVI-in. Your safest route is a monitor with HDMI-in. In an ideal setting from the HDMI output on your video card HDMI-in on a monitor keeps headaches Blu-ray playback to a minimum.

HDCP and laptops: In general, laptops manufactured in 2007 or later have a secure video path with support for HDCP. This is not true in all areas and it is often impossible to say with certainty without connecting a Blu-ray player and try to watch a movie. Laptops built before 2007 often do not have a video card with sufficient capacity video processing for Blu-ray playback, so you do not have HDCP support is generally a non-issue for older hardware.

Blu-ray software is also necessary to watch Blu-ray movies on your computer. I use Cyberlink PowerDVD or ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 for Blu-ray playback on my computer, which is currently the most viable option. PowerDVD includes an application to help you troubleshoot if your components are compatible Blu-ray, which makes the entire process less frustrating. These blu-ray software also support 3D blu-ray playback.

In summary, to play Blu-ray movies on your computer, you need: a Blu-ray player, HDCP compliant video card, an HDCP-compliant monitor, and software with Blu-ray support. Once you have all these parts, in theory, your Blu-ray movies will play smoothly.

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Six classic introductory knowledge of notebook computer

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Nowadays, more and more readers to buy a notebook, but not necessarily buy a notebook, people will use the notebook, we found that many users in the new machine hand, will ask some very basic problem, but also a veteran, also not necessarily can answer these ridiculous harmonic non problem. So, we will give you an interpretation of six general knowledge questions.

First, fan will not turn at boot time, fault code or a bug?

No, because of the notebook computer internal temperature control design, the fan in the boot when the switch will soon stop rotation, only when the notebook reaches a certain temperature that will accelerate the rotation.So, if you boot without performming some resource program, you basically can not hear the voice of the fan. Once the high work loads, such as playing high solution rate video, running 3D games, the fan will start high-speed rotation.

Second, the notebook LCD screen surface heating is a quality problem?

Many novice are worried about heating liquid crystal screen high, thinking of choosing an great LCD screen of notebook. In fact, due to the desktop LCD no size limit, large space, good heat dissipation effect, so difficult to feel the heat.While the high-pressure Bag Laptop LCD screen is placed on the top cover, and the main part of high pressure bag is circuit and electric coils, heating of the work in the junior middle school physics textbooks are introduced.

Third, do new notebooks need to charge the battery for 12 hours?

Laptop battery, in the factory testing has been performed a battery activation step. so, when you put the new notebook home,remember not to separate battery charging for 12 hours. The consumption of components belonging to the notebook battery. Pay attention to avoid excessive heat. Reduce the charge and discharge times as possible as you can.

Fourth, why notebook computer is slower than desktop one?

In fact, the main reason is that the hard disk, the current mainstream notebook hard drive speed of 5400 rpm, while the desktop is usually 7200 rpm. The contrast test, the notebook and the integrated machine data display, hard disk is the performance bottleneck of notebook.

Fifth,Can the notebooks be converted to other Windows system?

Absolutely yes. You can install any Windows XP/7/8, or other operation systems.

Six, low temperature will also affect the laptop?

Yes, the the best notebook environment is temperature between 10 ℃ ~40 ℃, but you will find that high-end graphics card installed some games, the internal temperature is common in seventy or eighty degrees, so the normal temperature of notebook is not immediately affected, but long-term use in high temperature environments will accelerate the aging of components.For low temperature, when 0 ℃, lithium-ion battery capacity will be reduced by 20%, -10 ℃ capacity only half the standard capacity. Long-term use of notebook in the MCM division of social and low-temperature environment, LCD screen light appeared dead. That may cause permanent damage. Friends in cold place should pay more attention to it.

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How can I power on my laptop computer while not gap the lid?

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I want to use an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse with my portable computer. i do know you’ll be able to purchase arrival stations however there’s lots of negative reviews on the merchandise I’m watching. I actually have a flowery monitor and do not need to suffer any loss of video, resume from sleep, mouse lag, etc.. issues.So I’m progressing to bypass the arrival station and simply plug directly into the portable computer, drawback is i would like to be ready to power on the portable computer while not gap the lid.
My friend had helped me with the subsequent suggestions. And it worked effectiively. to place it merely, NO there’s no *easy* means of powering on your pc while not gap the lid as that’s the button that tells your computer to show on. there’s a additional technical means that you’ll be able to use to show on your pc by victimisation the WAKE ON computer network feature on your portable computer.

If your portable computer comes with “Wake On Lan” on it’s network card, you’ll be able to use another pc to show on your portable computer remotely. but that involves you having another pc on a similar network which machine must be turned on thus it will send a ‘magic packet’ to get up your portable computer like turning it on with the ability button. however as you’ll be able to see it is also even as inconvenient as you’ve got to show on the opposite pc, then execute a script to show on your portable computer remotely.A arrival station is far and away far better as you’ll be able to connnect all of your external parts thereto and after you take the portable  computer away, you only undock instead of having to disconnect everything. conjointly the arrival station includes a power button thus you’ll be able to activate your portable computer while not gap the lid. i can not believe that there are literally negative reviews on a arrival station? It does not do a lot of however simply give a convenient means of connecting all of your parts along for your portable computer. It does not very do the rest. It ought to work fine with a flowery monitor further. make sure the arrival station has the monitor association that you just square measure victimisation – square measure you employing a VGA cable or DVI cable? Either means, the arrival station ought to have each and it ought to relay the monitor show thereto fine…………. If you get the official product for your portable computer, it ought to work and if not, you want to have come back policy and will be coated beneath warrant further.

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Laptop Disc drive not working – How to resolve it

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My disc drive does not read any DVD or CD anymore. I was worried. And this is so terrible. But I have got suggstions and share with you.
Examine the disc you’re exploitation. If you start to own issues along with your pc drive, the primary factor you must continually check is that the information facet of the CD or videodisc you’re making an attempt to use. If the disc has any dirt, smudges or scratches thereon, this might stop the drive’s optical device from having the ability to scan the information.

Clean the disc with a soft, dry artifact before making an attempt to use it once more.Clean the drive’s optical device. On a pc drive, the a part of the device that scans and reads the information from the disc you’re exploitation is that the optical device. If that optical device is blocked by dirt or dirt on the within of the drive itself, it’ll be unable to work properly. Use a will of compressed gas to spray out the drive whereas the door is open before continued.

Make sure the drive hasn’t come back unplugged from the pc. If your computer’s drive is internal, open up the case and take a glance within. There ought to be a cable that goes from the rear of the drive to your computer’s motherboard. If this cable has come back unplugged, plug it back in, as this might cause the drive to not perform in any respect.

Make sure your USB or Firewire ports square measure operating if you have got associate external drive that plugs into your pc via USB or Firewire. infix different devices that you simply apprehend square measure operating, and see what the results square measure. Plug the drive into another pc that you simply apprehend is functioning. If the ports have gone unhealthy, you’ll got to take your pc to a fix-it shop and have them replaced.

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Compare graphic cards of laptops before buying

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There are several parameters to assess the performance of the laptop. The CPU processor and the Graphic cards are of the most important factors. I had just found a useful resource of how to compare the laptop graphic cards.

It has several catalogs, High-end graphics cards, Mid-Range Graphics Cards, Low-Midrange Graphics Cards, Low-End Graphics Cards, Office-Class Graphics Cards, Not Suited for Games, and unknown.

For every catalog, there are many types of models of graphics cards, like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M SLI. The article described it from several aspects, architecture, performance, features, and some benchmarks.

Find more graphics comparison knowledge about graphics cards from here.

Wish your can always find the laptop with graphics cards that is suitable for you. You can select from the famous NVIDIA or AMD graphics Cards.


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Save My Laptop from the Problem of Black Screen – DIY

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It is a confusing question for me because of the black screen problems of my lenovo laptop, which I have bought two years ago. The laptop of mine turned black screen when I was watching videos frequently. I could still remember the embarassed experience for me two months ago. When I started video chat with my intimate friend, it occurrred four times. And I restart my computer for four times.

Since the black screen problem has strongly ruined my laptop using experience. I decide to resolve the tough problem for me. And I could not bear restarting the computer every time it frozed with sounds and black screen. So I asked some experts of my friends who are good at it.

First, he told me to check if it is the problem of heat dissipation. And after a week, I bought a cpu cooler. It seemed that the laptop had a peaceful time without many problems. But it did not make it. The black screen problem occurred after several weeks. I was baffled and annoyed a lot. How can I cope with the terrible status of using computer?

Second, When I told him it did not work. And I described a lot about the sound that accompanished with the black screen. The sound is aloud and it sounds like buzzing. He guessed that it was probably the memory problem. Because he helpe me from the remote online chat, so he could only estimate the trouble. The memory may be oxidised. And he let me to rub the memory with a cleaning cloth. But I should buy some proper tools to get the memory out.

How do you guess the result? My computer is repaired or not? Sadly, it is still with the black screen problem. My laptop is just after the end of the warranty.

I have no choice but to exam it with some tools. And I decide to resolve the problem of black screen of my lenovo laptop completely. Bettter late than never.


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Acer Aspire V5-171-6675 Review

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The Acer’s V5-171-6675 is with a Core i3 processor to achieve a fair decent price of $449. Let us have a general detail of Acer Aspire V5-171-6675.

Hardware and Processor 
Acer Aspire V5-171-6675  is with a 1.5-GHz Intel Core i3-2377M processor and 4GB of DDR3 system memory. this can be an equivalent process power you will find in a very device like Toshiba’s U845-S402 Ultrabook, that comes with an equivalent Intel chipset, however sells for a far higher worth at $749.99.(the following are the official specifications)
  • OS – Windows 8
  • Processor – 3rd Generation Intel ® Core  i3-2377M Processor 1.5GHZ
  • Storage – 500GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Memory – 4GB of DDR3 system memory
  • Memory Card Supported – Secure Digital  (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC))
  • Display – 11.6″ HD Widescreen CineCrystal  LED-backlit Display
  • Video – Intel ® HD Graphics 3000 with 128MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft ® DirectX ® 11, OpenGL ® 3.1, OpenCL  1.1
  • Optical Drive – Not Available
  • WiFi / Bluetooth – 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED  / Bluetooth ® 4.0+HS
  • Webcam – 1.3 Megapixel HD Webcam (1280 x 720)
  • Interfaces – USB 3.0 (1) / USB 2.0 (2) / HDMI  Port with HDCP Support (1) / VGA (1), Ethernet (RJ-45) port (1)
  • Battery – 4-cell Li-ion Battery (2500 mAh)
  • Dimensions (System) – 11.22 (W) x 7.95 (D) x .82/1.09(H) inches
  • Weight – 3.05 lbs. | 1.38 kg. (system unit only)
  • Color – Silky Silver
  • Warranty

Acer’s be after V5-171-6675 comes in a very swish, smooth silver hue complete with the brand’s brand across the front. The polished end is engaging, making the illusion that the device is created of metal instead of its light-weight plastic material.
Measuring eleven.2 x 8 x 1.1 inches, the be after V5-171-6675 feels durable and sturdy for a notebook of its size.The front cowl exudes a pointy, titanium-esque feel with a black plastic edge to feature some distinction. As for the inside, dicot genus frames its show with a plastic black frame counteractive  the deep grey keyboard deck. consideration three pounds, we have a tendency to had no downside carrying the dicot genus V5 throughout our commute.
Acer’s 11.6-inch notebook has all the ports you wish. The be after V5 comes complete with a USB three.0 port on the left likewise as 2 spots for connecting USB a pair of.0 drives on its right facet. On the left facet, you may additionally notice a VGA dock, Associate in Nursing HDMI port with HDCP support and a spot for LAN property. Next to the USB a pair of.0 ports on the other facet, you will find a earpiece jack and a port for connecting the notebook’s charger. Associate in Nursing South Dakota Card reader sits on the front lip of the notebook.
Battery Life
whereas Acer’s eleven.6-inch ultraportable is light-weight enough to require anyplace, it’s seriously lacking within the endurance department. throughout the laptop computer Battery check, that involves continuous internet surfriding over Wi-Fi, the V5-171-6675 lasted solely three hours and fifty six minutes. the common ultraportable lasts 5:57. Even the ASUS Q200, which has slightly screen, turned in a very longer runtime of 4:19.
The V5-171-6675 comes preloaded with Amazon, Netflix, book of facts Britannica, eBay, Evernote, Kindle, iCookbook, TuneIn and Zinio, among alternative apps. This machine additionally comes with Acer’s Crystal Eye camera software system and its Backup Manager. The Backup Manager offers a spread of choices for backing up your files, which has a typical backup, the flexibility to create a picture backup of your drive, or transfer files from another laptop. dicot genus has additionally bundled its eRecovery Management system together with this likewise. dicot genus Cloud permits you to access your music, photos, videos and documents from alternative PCs and mobile devices, together with humanoid phones and tablets.

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