How do I connect a laptop to TV?

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Questions: How do I connect my laptop to my TV? In that case, I will always watch my videos, TVs or movies on the big screen in our hall. This question is haunting me for a long time. And I finally determined to cope with it.

First, I would like to list the benefits of connecting a laptop to TV for me:

1. Watching movies, podcasts, TV and videos on my biggest Plasma TV. Large Screen experience as watching in the cinema.
2. Meantime, we can surf the Internet freely with the tiny laptop on comfortable sofas or with a laptop stand.
3. Make a home theatre atmosphere with DIY popcorn.
4. Share wonderful screens with all your families
5. Video call with my families who are far away.
Thinking of this, I can’t help to resolve it in no time.

Part One. Before start, which materials do I need?

Find the right Port of my laptop and TV. There may be DVI Port, HDMI port, VGA port.
We need to find all our videos and audios ports of the laptop and TV. And if the port can’t be connected together, you may need an adapter cable. a DVI-to-HDMI adapter or a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter. you might need to use an audio patch cable to connect the notebook’s audio to either the HDTV or a nearby set of speakers. Still, a direct, wired connection is the best method if you value speed over all else.
Apple TV is the best solution for Macbook user.

Part Two: With these tools and materials, How to set and connect my laptop to TV?

The following video is a good step by step guide. You can watch it carefully before setting it.

Part three:With other products to solve directly.—the most easiest way

Most Convenient and easiest : WiDi . Use intel WiDi around $50. But you need an notebook computer with WiDi built-in, and most current Intel-based Windows notebooks should already have that covered.

Part Four: Enjoy home theatre with our family.

Enjoy my video call with my mommy and sister from far away. And then watch “Furious 7” with DVD inserting into my laptop.


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What are the Top 10 best laptops in 2014?

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What are top laptops in 2014? How to buy a laptop? Shopping for a laptop is a pretty difficult task if one doesn’t know what he wants. Every newbie needs some guides in shopping a laptop among millions of laptops. You can get some tips from How to buy a Laptop.


Of course, you can choose from the 10 best laptop of 2014 by PCMag. This page gives you a comparison of these laptops, ranging from price, type, processor name, Processor Speed to platform, RAM, Weight, screen size, touch screen, graphics  cards to Storage capacity. If you want to check the details reviews by the experts of PCmag, just check their reviews one by one

According to the latest report of the, which is released on MARCH 21, 2014, the 10 best laptops are respectively these 10(from the 1st to the 10th):

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (2013),
  2. Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2013),
  3. Asus Transformer Book T100TA (64GB),
  4. HP Chromebook 11 (Verizon LTE),
  5. Dell Inspiron 14R-5437,
  6. Dell Latitude E7440 Touch
  7. Lenovo G580
  8. Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch
  9. Lenovo ThinkPad X240
  10. Origin EON17-SLX (2014)

Apparently, Apple is overpriced among all these. In Chinese, people call these who buy Apple series products like iPhone 5s, MacBook pro “Tuhao”. That always means those are rich enough to buy an Apple devices.

Maybe everyone has his own list of laptop in 2014. The sheer amounts of laptops in the markets make us daunting to determine between HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Asus etc. The most important is to find out what you really needs before your choice. Are you a game fan or a office man ? After seeking out your own needs you can finally get a proper laptop or notebook. Additionally, do valuate your pockets money. Exam the reviews details if you want to buy one from the top 10 laptops list 2014.


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How to Make Your Laptop Wallpaper Perfect?

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Choosing unique and beautiful computer wallpaper can really make your workspace more pleasant and appealing you to use with a happy mood. Don’t only take the dull default setting pictures as your laptop wallpapers. The wallpaper world is full of newbie and colorful elements for you to explore. How to make your computer with your delicate wallpaper? There are the following steps.

First, check the screen resolution of your laptop. Where to check? Go into control panel/display & see what you have got your screen resolution set at.

Second, set a theme for your laptop in your mind.  For examples, there are several categories of themes, people, cartoon, landscape, woman, man, animals and stars. As to me, I would love to choose landscape or cartoon.

Third, set your favorite image as your wallpaper. You can search and download from the internet. Or you can select one from your camera photos.  If the picture is not very perfect, you can edit them with your photo editing software.  There are lots of photo editing software. The most professional and widely used is Adobe Photoshop.

And in the end, I would love to share some of my collections of wallpapers. These wallpapers are not only beautiful but are also eye-protected.

wallpaper3 wallpaper4 wallpaper5 wallpaper7 wallpaper9 1壁纸 Green leaves Z

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How to Make Your Laptop Run Faster?

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I have being so frustrated by this question: How to make my laptop run faster?  When I was writing a document, the computer froze frequently. When a business man contacts me by skype, the talk window sometimes freezes. I really hate a pokey computer. Slow computer not only harm your business, your mood, and can ruin your important files in seconds when it is locking up and interrupt your normal life or business.


There are the following ways to speed your laptop computer.

1. Remove the unused software on your computer.

You had better check your installed computer from time to time. We usually install some instant use application and never use it again. Check and list it , and then uninstall them all.

2. If your program is all essential one, just enlarge your memory.

Enlarging the memory to enhance the efficiency of working on your computer is quite important. And the memory is not as expensive as before. Just give your computer a larger memory and space to run more programs.

3. Use a cleaner to clean the using history.

If you are a computer expert, you can delete the temporary files, personal histories from time to time. If you are not good at finding these files, just apply a cleaner software. Ther e are so many of them. Choose one of high rates from Cnet or other download sites. It is of significant to choose one that suite you.

4. Spy your computer program.

Take care of the computer virus. Some probably slow down your computer or eat your memory.

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Samsung Ativ Q Intergrated Windows 8 and Android

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The Samsung Ativ Q is a switching tablet and laptop, a most interesting and the most popular model computer. It offers both Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean on the same device.

Samsung Ativ Q-2

The highest resolution on the market is 13.3-inch, 3200 x 1800 touchscreen. Maybe you want to catch it. So you can choose the Samsung Ativ Q, as a big rival to Asus Transformer Pad series.

Samsung Ativ Q-1

There are also some other brands also offer the tablet and laptop intergrated version, like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and Dell XPS 12.

The Samsung Ativ Q is relatively slim, measured 13.9mm in thickness. although the 1290g (45oz) weight may make this hybrid a little unwieldy in hand.

You can let it as “stand” or “flat”There are threer “modes”: the traditional laptop position , “float” and “stand” position for more versatile viewing angles.

Samsung Ativ Q-3

You will find Intel’s new Haswell chip that within the Ativ Q’s case comes within the kind of a Core i5 processor under the hood . this is often saved with fourGB of RAM that provides the facility for the quick shift between Windows and candy 4.2.2.

You get 128GB of internal SSD memory, a camera capable of shooting 720p video, electric battery Samsung claims can last 9 hours, and the Ativ Q conjointly sports USB three.0, USB 2.0, microSD and HDMI ports for a wealth of property choices.

There’s presently no word on the Samsung Ativ Q unharness date or worth, however the Korean firm has confirmed it’ll be accessible within the Great Britain later this year – and we’re chasing for details on different regions.


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Dell’s XPS 12 with Intel’s Haswell processor Offers 9.5 hours Battery life

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Dell unveiled their latest PCs with Intel’s Haswell processor, Dell’s XPS 12. It is a laptop-tablet hybrid,and the battery life of it is 9.5 hours.

 Dell's XPS 12 with Intel's Haswell processor

Dell’s XPS 12 with Intel’s Haswell processor

The thin and light-weight XPS twelve has been redesigned and can associate with Intel’s Core i5 or i7 chips, reckoning on the configuration. The laptop’s battery life is quite 3 hours longer than its precursor, same Cami Collins, XPS product manager at dingle.

The laptop’s announcement coincides with Intel’s launch of Haswell chips at Computex trade exhibition in Taiwan. Intel has claimed that Haswell chips can improve laptop computer battery life by five hundredth compared to previous Core processors code-named vine Bridge, that shipped last year.

The XPS twelve offers laptop computer and pill practicality because of a revolving screen connected to the hinge. The screen is turned in a very circular motion and placed flat on the keyboard to show the device into a pill.

The screen cannot be detached, therefore the device might feel thicker and bulkier than keyboard-free tablets. The device is 1st a laptop computer, and might be a pill once required, Collins same.

There ar many folks inquisitive about hybrids and would love a keyboard, Collins same. For people who desire a pill 1st, dingle offers XPS ten and Latitude ten, to that a separate keyboard accent is connected, Collins same.

The laptop computer is additionally 63%t quicker, and graphics ar one.6% quicker than the precursor, dingle claimed. The laptop computer includes a full high-definition screen and NFC (near-field communication) capabilities.

Starting at $1,119, the XPS twelve can become obtainable worldwide, tho’ a date wasn’t proclaimed. The hybrid can vie against a bevy of dual-functionality devices being proclaimed at Computex by Acer, MSI and alternative firms.

Dell additionally proclaimed the XPS twenty seven all-in-one with Haswell processors and Windows eight. The all-in-one includes a 2560 x 1440-pixel screen, and a Thunderbolt port therefore peripherals like auxiliary storage devices is connected to the computer. The computer supports up to 2TB of storage. it’s priced beginning at $1,599 and can become obtainable worldwide in June. facultative solid-state drive storage and Nvidia distinct graphics cards ar obtainable.

Dell additionally proclaimed the XPS 8700 desktop with Haswell chips for users WHO wish the flexibility to expand, upgrade and connect peripherals. The desktop will support up to 32GB of memory and 4TB of storage in four bays. It additionally has six USB three.0 ports to host external peripherals. the value of the desktop wasn’t in real time obtainable, however it’ll become obtainable worldwide.


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Acer Aspire V5-171-6675 Review

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The Acer’s V5-171-6675 is with a Core i3 processor to achieve a fair decent price of $449. Let us have a general detail of Acer Aspire V5-171-6675.

Hardware and Processor 
Acer Aspire V5-171-6675  is with a 1.5-GHz Intel Core i3-2377M processor and 4GB of DDR3 system memory. this can be an equivalent process power you will find in a very device like Toshiba’s U845-S402 Ultrabook, that comes with an equivalent Intel chipset, however sells for a far higher worth at $749.99.(the following are the official specifications)
  • OS – Windows 8
  • Processor – 3rd Generation Intel ® Core  i3-2377M Processor 1.5GHZ
  • Storage – 500GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Memory – 4GB of DDR3 system memory
  • Memory Card Supported – Secure Digital  (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC))
  • Display – 11.6″ HD Widescreen CineCrystal  LED-backlit Display
  • Video – Intel ® HD Graphics 3000 with 128MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft ® DirectX ® 11, OpenGL ® 3.1, OpenCL  1.1
  • Optical Drive – Not Available
  • WiFi / Bluetooth – 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED  / Bluetooth ® 4.0+HS
  • Webcam – 1.3 Megapixel HD Webcam (1280 x 720)
  • Interfaces – USB 3.0 (1) / USB 2.0 (2) / HDMI  Port with HDCP Support (1) / VGA (1), Ethernet (RJ-45) port (1)
  • Battery – 4-cell Li-ion Battery (2500 mAh)
  • Dimensions (System) – 11.22 (W) x 7.95 (D) x .82/1.09(H) inches
  • Weight – 3.05 lbs. | 1.38 kg. (system unit only)
  • Color – Silky Silver
  • Warranty

Acer’s be after V5-171-6675 comes in a very swish, smooth silver hue complete with the brand’s brand across the front. The polished end is engaging, making the illusion that the device is created of metal instead of its light-weight plastic material.
Measuring eleven.2 x 8 x 1.1 inches, the be after V5-171-6675 feels durable and sturdy for a notebook of its size.The front cowl exudes a pointy, titanium-esque feel with a black plastic edge to feature some distinction. As for the inside, dicot genus frames its show with a plastic black frame counteractive  the deep grey keyboard deck. consideration three pounds, we have a tendency to had no downside carrying the dicot genus V5 throughout our commute.
Acer’s 11.6-inch notebook has all the ports you wish. The be after V5 comes complete with a USB three.0 port on the left likewise as 2 spots for connecting USB a pair of.0 drives on its right facet. On the left facet, you may additionally notice a VGA dock, Associate in Nursing HDMI port with HDCP support and a spot for LAN property. Next to the USB a pair of.0 ports on the other facet, you will find a earpiece jack and a port for connecting the notebook’s charger. Associate in Nursing South Dakota Card reader sits on the front lip of the notebook.
Battery Life
whereas Acer’s eleven.6-inch ultraportable is light-weight enough to require anyplace, it’s seriously lacking within the endurance department. throughout the laptop computer Battery check, that involves continuous internet surfriding over Wi-Fi, the V5-171-6675 lasted solely three hours and fifty six minutes. the common ultraportable lasts 5:57. Even the ASUS Q200, which has slightly screen, turned in a very longer runtime of 4:19.
The V5-171-6675 comes preloaded with Amazon, Netflix, book of facts Britannica, eBay, Evernote, Kindle, iCookbook, TuneIn and Zinio, among alternative apps. This machine additionally comes with Acer’s Crystal Eye camera software system and its Backup Manager. The Backup Manager offers a spread of choices for backing up your files, which has a typical backup, the flexibility to create a picture backup of your drive, or transfer files from another laptop. dicot genus has additionally bundled its eRecovery Management system together with this likewise. dicot genus Cloud permits you to access your music, photos, videos and documents from alternative PCs and mobile devices, together with humanoid phones and tablets.

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Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabooks with Large-screen Priced at $699 or More

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Sony started shipping large screen laptops of new Sony Vaio T Series ultrabooks pricing at $699.  They are persuing the thinner and lighter laptops.

The Operating System & Processor

The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks are equipped with the Intel core processors, based on the new Ivy Bridge technology. The The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks have Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Memory & Storage

The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks support up to 8GB memory and with a hard disc storage of 1TB or 512GB SSD storage.

Screen , Resolution and Weights

The Sony Vaio T series 14 has a 14-inch screen, and with a resolution of 1366-by-768 pixels. Its weight is 1.86 kilograms.

The Sony Vaio T series 15 has a 15-inch screen. And Its weight is 2.35 kilograms.

The Targeted Users

The Vaio T Series 14 and 15 ultrabooks are meant for students and professors, which is said by Sony in a statement.

What are the hightlights?

Large storage and fast boot time. “A unique feature of the laptops is the ability to combine hard drives with low-capacity 24GB solid-state drives, which can be used to store operating systems. SSDs are typically faster than hard drives and can help laptops boot and perform faster.” (said by PCadvisor)

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Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook Announced

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Lenovo announced ThinkPad X131e Chromebook on January 17th, Making a step to enter the Chromebook Market.It is good news for elementary school students. They can get cheap service charge for Chromebook. This is Lenovo’s first Chromebook Laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook is launched as a Chrome OS laptop, which is built specially for K-12 schools, running Google’s operating system. The ThinkPad X131e Chromebook highlights in the Chrome OS itself, fast boot time and long battery life for a scool day. Now let us look at the other features.

The Display: an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 anti-glare display

Processor: Intel processor

Ports: USB ports, HDMI and VGA ports(for class presentations)

webcam: a webcam to allow collaborative programs(can run between different scools)

Lenovo ThinkPad X131e is a tough piece of hardware to avoid of the falling by school students. They build a rubber bumper into the top cover to survice the accident of fall. What about the prices? We have talked before that it is specially build for school students or teachers. So it is only selling for schools or institutions with the price of $429 (EU£268, AU$406). Those educational people who are interested can batch order from Feb. 26th,2013.

Though it is limited in release , perhaps we can expect the new generation of more Lenovo Chromebook for better and better performances.

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HP Officially Uncovered Overview of HP EliteBook Revolve 810

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HP has not officially announced the HP EliteBook Revolve 810. But they has given an official overview of this new style of Notebook.

 The HP EliteBook Revolve 810 is a tablet laptop, which can be of a notebook and the flexibility of a tablet. It will run on Windows 8 systems or other operating  systems available. You can work your way with the style of this HP EliteBook Revolve 810. the screen is thin and lights and it can rotates to let you share your best gestures.A tablet or a laptop, it depends on your ideas. It can both handles.

 The processor has either Intel i7, i5, or i3. The  HP EliteBook Revolve 810 is with Intel® Core™ i5 with vPro technology (select models); Intel® Core™ i7 with vPro technology (select models). So feel ease to use it with super speed. Let us have a look at its Dimensions and weights. Dimensions (W x D x H)8.34 x 11.22 x 0.80 in (212 x 285 x 22.2 mm). Starting at 1.4 KG. It featured enterprise-class docking, with ability to connect to a display, mouse, and keyboard. It will also offer an impressive number of ports including; 2 USB 3.0, DisplayPort, headphone/microphone jack, power connector, docking connector, and RJ-45.
 Unfortunately HP has not release the prices and not official released the HP EliteBook Revolve 810.
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