Kai-fu Lee : Mobile Internet is the outbreak of the future do not want to view the future with the past

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20150115082811479d0_550January 14 , living in Taiwan recuperate and lack of appearance of Innovation Works CEO Kai-fu Lee , dressed in a trim black suit , made a lecture entitled ‚ÄĚ Digital Revolution: the golden age of¬†innovation and entrepreneurship¬†,‚Ä̬†public speaking¬†.

‚ÄúToday‚Äôs entrepreneurial era than any moment in human history since have brought greater opportunities .‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúFirst Financial Daily‚ÄĚ correspondent saw ,¬†standing¬†on the stage of Kai-fu Lee looked in good spirits , talking calm and powerful.

Speech, he pointed to a number of identification such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, the US group, millet , balance Po and other innovative applications listed on behind the PPT of the audience said: “If 70% of the above companies do not know , then you OUT of . “

Do not want to view the future with the past

Mobile¬†Internet¬†is the explosive growth and profoundly change our lives , but if go down to look at the next five years , Kai-fu Lee believes that today ‚Äės change may be negligible.

Kai-fu Lee expects a big change in the future are: changes that occur in the future are not the product of change . ‚ÄĚ If you just want the car will not be electronic, TV is not smart , then you are wrong .‚ÄĚ His car, for example , ‚ÄúIf you have a little imagination , the future of the whole transport mode will change soon in the future should you can see that the car is no driver , no driving, it will take you where you want when you want. so if you still want a taxi , subway things are little OUT . ‚Äú

‚ÄúThe future of our life, recreation,¬†housing¬†and other aspects will be thoroughly subversive , absolutely can not think about the future with a view of the past .‚ÄĚ Kai-fu Lee said , ‚ÄúFor example , the future of the computer than you should first know where you want to go today , what to eat , where to go . ‚Äú

‚ÄúIf you want to grasp the future , more and young people contact .‚ÄĚ Kai-fu Lee said, in addition to Google, almost every one of the latest applications are his daughter told him. ‚ÄúIn the future this trend will become more serious . Today, ten , fifteen -year-olds are in the mobile¬†Internetera of growth, the future of content they¬†create¬†.‚ÄĚ

With the change in the future mobile Internet market , Kai-fu Lee judgment , future investment in this area will be changed dramatically.

The first change is the company more valuable. In the United States , the value of the past four years for each round of financing business doubled , China may not stop .

And the next , those entrepreneurs who earn a pot of gold , some of which continue to do business or angel investors . Kai-fu Lee said: ‚ÄúIn the best investors in the United States is a young entrepreneur who had their hands and know how to grow start-ups , how to do , China is , they will be investing in the¬†future star¬†.‚ÄĚ

This also means that the traditional accelerators and incubators need slowly changed . ‚ÄúBecause of accelerators and incubators and young angels want to compete they must have their own expertise .‚ÄĚ

Meanwhile , Google , Baidu , Tencent , FB and other giants are crazy big money investment.

‚ÄĚ Behind this is the ‚Äė innovator‚Äôs dilemma ‚Äė .‚ÄĚ Kai-fu Lee interpretation, these giants are very clearly see an innovative company has created tremendous value , but more and more difficult to subvert their own , can not put the past accumulation. So they hit the big money to own a great time can be more than a continuation of the past few years .

And many innovative companies are doing is constantly speculate what a user wants to narrow the field , continue to put this area bigger and bigger , and then become the industry leader.

‚ÄĚ Didi taxi taxi and fast in the past year to burn 2.4 billion yuan , it may sound a little crazy , but in a very huge market leader and a very significant advantage is huge, so throwing money is a worthwhile bet . ‚ÄĚ Kai-fu Lee said.

A very important change of investment, with the increase in all types of investments , future options listed companies will be reduced. ‚ÄĚ Listing need financial transparency , facing shareholders winded , quarterly earnings pressure, but if¬†financing¬†1 billion , $ 2 billion in private markets , to solve the problem of employee motivation , we do not want listed on the stock market to attract these businesses will be more be more difficult . ‚Äú

Original link: http://tech.163.com/15/0115/01/AFVAPGIH000915BD.html

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The Cooling Features of Windows 10

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Microsoft had unveiled its big release of Windows 10 on 21th Jan, 2015. This is a crazy days. And Microsoft Windows 10 had took up the above of the fold of the Internet News. Te big release had delivered much information for users. Let’s take a closer look at this magic Windows OS- Windows 10.

The biggest great news for us users. Free for some.

All of those that who runs Windows phone 8.1 systems, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 systems across various Windows devices can free update to Windows 10 in the first year.

Here the voices of the Microsoft official :

Great news! We will offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year!* And even better: once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it up to date for the supported lifetime of the device, keeping it more secure, and introducing new features and functionality over time ‚Äď for no additional charge.

Cortana will assists you on your Windows 10 PCs.

Cortana, by Microsoft’s excellent artificial intelligence, will be your digital assistant. Not only on your PC , but also across all your devices with Windows 10ÔľĆ Cortana will be your good and useful buddy.

 New browser Spartan will help you explore the Web

Microsoft has developed a new Project called Spartan, which is a newly-built browser to deliver better user experience .

This is the new feature from the official voices You can write directly on webpages from your PC, read articles distraction-free and save your favorites to read offline later. Sounds Great!

 Integrated with Xbox Game

With Windows 10, you can play with your friends and share the game joys.

 A powerful Windows Apps store.

Everything you can find here in the powerful Windows 10 Apps store, for your PC and other devices. Besides, It is a one-stop shop for your interests applications. You can find great music, videos, and the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Now here comes the new pictures of Windows 10. the start menu.


And the Windows 10 video:


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Windows 8, Windows RT sales disappointing maybe the price reason

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Windows 8 and Windows RT were launched with a big bang by Microsoft in October 2012. However,It seems not brings big ripples from the responces of the customers.Microsoft had announced that the company has managed to sell 60 million Windows 8 licenses At the CES 2013.
As to the upgrade figures, including  from older version and sales to its manufacturing partners , the Windows 8 was on a similar track as its predecessor Windows 7.
Windows 7 has been¬†presented as the operating system the fastest selling as it sold more than 60¬†million licenses in the first 74 days.However the word¬†the street is that Windows 8 seems to have lost the plot now.There were also¬†news that Samsung has stopped selling its Tab in Windows RT Ativ¬†Germany and it is expected that other European countries are¬†likely to follow suit.¬†It is noteworthy that Samsung had refrained from¬†the launch of the tablet in the United States was also cited lack of consumer interest as¬†one of the main reasons for not providing this product.Apparently Microsoft is too aware of the whole scenario and seeks to¬†amends.¬†As the news report by Microsoft in the Wall Street Journal cut down the cost of its Windows 8 and Office 2013 to boost sales.¬†The site adds that these discounts are offered from February and under it, a combo of Windows 8 and Office is sold for only¬†$ 30, while the regular price is $ 120.¬†This discount is only for devices which are 10.8-inch or larger than the devices smaller.¬†in a¬†recent investor conference, CEO Asus had disclosed that “in all¬†Acceptance “of Windows 8 for the fourth quarter has not been in the height¬†mark.¬†In addition, she shared Asus has delivered 3 million tablets¬†during the fourth quarter of 2012, but only 5 percent of these tablets¬†devices were Windows, with the rest Android.The¬†10.8-inch are also entitled to discount on Windows 8, but no¬†clear reporting on what is exactly how is discount.When¬†interviewed by WSJ, a Microsoft spokesman did not acknowledge or deny¬†discount and simply added that “Microsoft will continue to work with¬†partners to ensure that Windows is available in a variety of¬†devices “
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Microsoft will Launch Surface Pro Tablet on 9 February

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Microsoft announced that they will launch Windows Surface Pro tablet on Feb 9th, 2013.

This tablet will be equipped with the Windows 8 Pro system on Feb 9th. It is said it will be lanched in the US and Canada on that day. There are 64GB and 128GB models. The Surface pro will be sold from $899.

The Surface Pro has an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. full HD display, with a stylus pen.

While it is said that the 128 GB Surface Pro only has 83 GB storage actually. The left 45GB is used to install the system and software. Is it suitable for you? if you have any comments, you can write below.


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Windows 8 : Make Your Laptop Life Easier or Confused

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Microsoft released Windows 8 and delivered a completely new lifestyle of laptop life. But Does it make your laptop life easier or you are baffled a lot by the new ways of operation method?

A Mom said it was very difficult to get used to for her 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, and they never got used to it. The familiar Windows Desktop is still available through one of the tiles, and most programs will open up in that environment. But since the Start button is gone, users will have to flip back and forth between the desktop and the tile screen. Instead of the Start menu and icons familiar Windows 8 displays applications as a colorful array of tiles, which may be updated information from applications. For example, the “Photos” tile shows an image from the collection of the user, and the “People” tile shows pictures social media contacts of the user. (Microsoft is authorized to use the AP content in applications Windows 8 news.)

Windows 8 runs on computers with processing chips made ‚Äč‚Äčby Intel Corp. or Advanced Micro Devices Inc. There is a basic version designed for consumers and a Pro version for more tech-savvy users and companies. Borrowing Playbook Apple, Microsoft allows for RT applications only from its online store, and applications must meet the Content Guidelines and others. Once Windows 8 is on, most machines will sell this version of Windows.It is possible to buy Windows 7 machines or upgrade to Windows 7, if you have command line and your choice may be limited to games or commercial machines.Microsoft did not say that the deadline for Windows 7 will, but expect to be able to buy Windows 7 as an upgrade for another year or preinstalled on a new machine for two years.After Windows 7 was released in October 2009,For example, retailers were still allowed to sell boxes versions of its predecessor, Vista, until October 2010. PC manufacturers were able to sell Vista machines until October 2011.Microsoft plans to continue to provide technical support for Windows 7 until 14 January 2020.

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Sony VAIO SE for Windows 8 Now Available

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The Sony VAIO SE 15.5 inch multimedia notebook is now available for purchase and shipping. From $ 999.99, weighs only 4.4 pounds with the standard battery (5.77 with extended battery slice) and a little less than an inch thick. It is available with the latest Intel dual-core Core i3/i5/i7 including, up to 8 GB of RAM and an SSD and options. It also has a backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, and has a screen resolution of 1080p (1920×1080).

The VAIO SE is available in two colors, black and silver. The new version of Windows 8 is now available.

The highlight feature is as the followings:

1. 3rd gen Intel¬ģ Core‚ĄĘ i7 quad core processor available

2. Windows 8 Pro available

3. 13.3″ and 15.5″ screen sizes available

4. Double your battery life with available sheet battery

The Sony VAIO SE is power for its Core i7 quad core processor and up to 2GB of VRAM14 make the 15.5″, which is perfect for gaming. It provides awesome long battery life, up to 10 hours of combined battery life. It has perfect picture quality and more.

BearAnderson reviewed the Sony VAIO SE like this. “I owned the previous generation s series from 2011. I had a chance to update to this new generation. Sony literally fixed everything my OCD/engineering mind hated. Not joking. The build quality was the first improvement. The new ruff lid is much more durable and easy to grab. The magnesium body rivals the macbook. And with the addition of the new disk drive, the body is very very rigid. The buttons on the top of the keyboard actually do useful things. And the throwback switch at the top is less useful but allows me to feel mechanically in control of the settings. The new nividia gpu is a thousand times better than the radeon. It doesn’t turn the screen on and off to change between the integrated gpu and nividia’s. That was hella annoying. And the BATTERY LIFE is superb. And the sheet battery makes it just as thick as any other laptop. Oh and I recommend getting a SSD over a regular hard drive. It makes windows 8 the best computer experience ever. Thanks sony for actually fixing problems and making a great laptop.”

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Windows 8 Important Features

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¬†The 26th, Oct. is a impressive day for PC technology. Microsoft released the Windows 8 system on that day. The official site claimed “A new era of PCs”. Many famous websites have reviewed the new Windows 8 system, like PCWORLD.http://www.pcworld.com/article/2012830/windows-8-the-official-review.html

And you can get a whole impression of Windows 8 by the reviews. Many enthusiasts of Windows 8 have tried the new system. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. But there are not as many comments now.And you can get the upgrade for $39.99 now.

 The highlight features are as the following.

 1. Start Screen

The metro style start screen is the typical feature of Windows 8. Each tile on Start is connected to a person, app, website, folder, playlist, or whatever else is important to you. Pin as many tiles to Start as you like and move them around so it’s just the way you want it. All of the start can be moved and customized by yourself.

 2. Touchscreens

The touchscreen will lead people to a easy way of laptop life. You can move smoothly and effortlessly of the files at your fingertips.

 3. Easy sharing

For all your content to share, Windows 8 offers easy ways. It is eapecially easy for you to share your favorite songs, videos, pictures and music. You can connect to Twitter and Facebook more easily.

 4. Load up apps from the Windows Store

 The buily-in Windows Apps store will benefit you a lot. Not only it includes the basic apps, but also there are a world of new apps for Windows to discover. Your pc life will be more colorful with the convenient store.

5. Windows 8 Control Panel

Beyond revamping the Windows task manager, Microsoft has also redesigned the control panel for Windows 8.  New options include Personalize, Users, Wireless, Notifications, General, Privacy, Search, and Share.

6. High performances and innovative UI of Task Manager

The new Windows 8 supports multi-threads well and longer battery life. There are also lots of UI changes. With Windows 8, you get greater control over your processes and services via the updated Task Manager. It offers the same functionality as before, but in a much more usable package. Plus, you can search unknown processes by right clicking on them within the UI.


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Introduce Laptop Dell XPS 14z

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Introduce Laptop Dell XPS 14z

Not so long ago we looked at the laptop Dell Inspiron 14z. And now we have a model on the operating table with a similar name. Twins? Just relatives? Or is it namesakes and nothing more? Try to understand.

Outwardly, the two “chetarnadtsatzed” resemble each other only vaguely. The same, by and large, only joint cap to the body: in both notebook hinges are “upright” and not on the edge of the shell, and indented. In the case of Dell Inspiron 14z is more pronounced, and in the Dell XPS 14z is noticeable only at certain angles. The most important aspect of mismatched design – the materials used. In the low-cost Inspiron 14z plastic housing, with a decorative ornament from the “shredded” the metal.

In the XPS 14z all noticeably more interesting: the lower half of the body and the outside cover is made of anodized aluminum, like the MacBook. But, unlike the MacBook, “working surface¬Ľ Dell XPS 14z – that is, the plane on which the keyboard and touchpad – not aluminum and plastic. The plastic is painted in gray color and looks much darker than aluminum.

In general, highly original approach: all the beauty of metal, for which the user actually pays to hide at the bottom and the back of the lid. A user is referred to propose the same realm of synthetic materials, as in the cheaper models. For example, openwork lattice air intake holes on the metal bottom of the XPS 14z looks just wonderful. And the same pattern – speaker grille – on the plastic panels for painting turned out pretty oplyvshim.

Typically, a company copying creatively reinterpreted design Apple, limited to the exterior. But the Dell decided to go one step further: to heighten the resemblance copied More innovative thinking and OSD-will adjust the volume, brightness, and the like. And rethink the most creative – even cleaned. Keyboard Dell XPS 14z looks interesting and somewhat unusual, and has the correct layout is well established.

Perhaps the main advantage of the keyboard XPS 14z – the presence of illumination. It is made less accurately than in Samsung 700Z5A, But its function copes well: in the dark buttons clearly visible. The touchpad is quite large, covering the right, the finger glides on it good and comfortable. Physical buttons that can be called a pleasant surprise, considering that the design of this laptop is innovative thinking you know someone.

In front of the case, obviously, is the battery. Therefore, no Front useful elements at all – there simply is empty. By the same token is not used, and about a third of each side. So the right fit only optical drive, and the left – a memory card reader, audio jacks and one of the two “exhaust” vents. The bulk of the ports are concentrated behind. Use them, of course, inconvenient. Terribly uncomfortable, to be exact to the end.

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Lenovo 3000 N100 ‚Äď Powerful And Easy-Home System

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Lenovo 3000 N100 – Powerful And Easy-Home System

Over a year ago thundered the news that IBM personal systems division sold to Chinese company Lenovo. And this winter the new owner has announced the first models of notebooks under its own brand, built “using the technology IBM”. In great detail the issue covered in the report on the announcement, here. It’s time to see what kind of laptop computers, and what they should use.

By the way, once again want to point out the “work” the Russian representative office of a large company – Lenovo inherited from IBM wonderful position consists in the fact that journalists should run for representation, and not vice versa. So the laptop once again had to take the distributor – a company that does not seem to be engaged in communication with the press.

As you may remember or have read at the February presentation was presented live model C100, the cheapest in the new line of Lenovo. Despite the good equipment, on closer inspection the model produced a painful impression of quality plastic and the body, as well as having several characteristics supercheap laptop, to suppose that the construction of specially worsened. Somewhat later, were presented and the model with higher positioning and, in particular, a multimedia series N100.

If you try to select any address details change from Lenovo.com on IBM.com. Lenovo website is made in blue tones, similar to the site IBM. In testing, I have repeatedly faced with the “legacy IBM”, and in places where it would seem, they can be easily corrected. The site is sufficiently “severe.” Choose a laptop is difficult – almost all of the descriptions and specifications nerusifitsirovanny, plus at IBM is rather complicated system, where it is very difficult to deduce just a table with the configurations of the various models.

For example, selecting notebook series 3000, we get on this page is already in the domain pc.ibm.com. Next, click “more”, we English-language description of the N100. By clicking “Watch Episode”, Go to the table with a brief description of models and prices in British pounds. IBM and Lenovo have two types of model numbers have tested the laptop it looks like a 0768-5hg, and the second – TY05HXX. On the laptop is written only the first, and on the site – only the second.

As a result, considerably suffer, I found out that the manufacturer directs this model for small business. N-Series, according to the information – reliable and performance notebook, addressed to professionals from small businesses. Stress, notebook-oriented business applications. It is emphasized multimedia, including: “Stereo speakers on either side of the keyboard, creating a more powerful and rich sound and increase the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaudibility.”

Laptops theoretically sold in the same place and laptops thinkpad, repaired in the same service networks. The warranty period is 1 year.

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Introduction Of HP G Series Notebooks

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Introduction Of HP G Series Notebooks

The G series notebook combines a Hewlett-Packard quality with an attractive design. The model that we know today is G42-372br version, this is considered an intermediate notebook but it has great results in demanding activities. For many users who are looking for a machine to do the basics with a good performance this is an option to be considered by the balance of its features and MSRP which attracts a lot.

The design of the G42-372br Hewlett-Packard is one of the main highlights of this team. The notebook is really nice, dark gray outer shell gives her a sober tone while the texture and gray accents a little clearer to give you a smoother appearance to the notebook becoming very visually pleasing. The model has at its base straight lines which further strengthens the professional air. By using the notebook is perceived the use of solid materials in its construction.

Also it is a lightweight equipment weighing 2.2 kg. This is the type of notebook that perfectly combines the use anywhere. Your screen has good viewing angle and 16:9 aspect ratio which gives us a more than interesting for viewing videos. The screen is fourteen inches with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. An interesting detail is the touchpad which is primarily necessary to calibrate but then gives us a great performance.

If we talk about team performance Hewlett-Packard comes with an AMD dual core Turion II P560, this processor has a clock of 2.5 GHz and AMD graphics card is a Radeon HD 6370 resulting in satisfactory performance most daily activities. During testing with equipment that is perceived performance could be even better if the notebook had 4 GB of RAM instead of 3 GB and a version of Windows 7 64-bit is present instead of the Windows 7 version Home Basic 32-bit.

Such restrictions were made for the price of the product is ultimately more accessible. In addition to this within the G-series models are more robust configurations. So nothing prevents the user can perform an upgrade to a RAM 8 GB such as the team to support this amount of memory, as well as the user can change the operating system present.

One bright spot of the notebook from Hewlett-Packard is the 500 GB hard drive with a speed of 7,200 revolutions per minute and usually in this type of equipment we record with a speed of 5,400 revolutions per minute. Meanwhile the battery is six cells and offers a range more than reasonable allowing 3 hours of use. If finally we talk about the relationship between cost and benefit the Hewlett-Packard G42-372br is an option to be considered by those who need a laptop that offers performance and flexibility in the daily mobility.

In a final conclusion on Hewlett-Packard team definitely has an excellent design and finish, an attractive price than a hard drive with a speed more than niche appeal, the disadvantage we have little memory and an operating system version little basic.

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