A Light business notebook

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With the people’s pace of life increasingly fast,people want to reduce the burden of life.Easepecially the business people,their pressure is even worse,and as the close contacts with business,the notebook vgp-bps9aturn into an indispensable helper for business people.In the past the heavy form do not meet current needs of business people,even becoming a burden for business people.In such cases,under the premise of homogeneity in performance,businesses have started to introduce thin business notebooks.

ASUS U36J notebook vgp-bpl9 is a main light business notebook,which is specially launched from Asus.Although Core Duo I3-380 processor and NVIDIA GT310M alone significantly are the same entry-level hardware configuration,but for business users,they are fully capable of providing adequate performance of office support.And 2GB memory,500GB hard drive and also belong to the mainstream of the current configuration.

Slightly different,the ASUS U36J notebook faded original business class notebook that serious coat layer of rigid,simple replacement of a more professional faces.Around the commercial notebook market now,most of them have adopted a metal body.On the one hand the whole metal body can make the notebookDell Vosr1o 1710 バッテリーlook more rich texture,on the other hand is to make the body more rigid.This ASUS U36j laptop’s also body on the use of magnesium alloy material.

ASUS U36j laptop’s the roof after a soft touch nano coating, while the bottom of the fuselage is a breakthrough to join the glass fiber material.The new shell design,lighter weight magnesium alloy material,high hardness,resistance to stress more hp pavilion dv6000バッテリー features.Nano super anti-fouling coatings,anti-corrosion and anti-radiation capabilities,as well as high tensile strength of glass fiber material,the advantages of heat shock resistance to high humidity combined together to create a light and a more robust model.

As located in the commercial,ASUS U36J laptop’s appearance is not very bright.The body’s design is simple and clear,providing products from the official figure,only two colors,a silver line of products can be used by men and women,and the black lines that are suitable for older users to buy.ASUS U36J notebook’s vgp-bps9a/bscreen axis damping force of the control is very good,the user can easily open the screen with one hand.

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