AMD FirePro R5000 Remote Graphics was Released

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AMD launched the AMD FirePro R5000 Remote Graphics in Feb. 25th, 2013. The most powerful AMD FirePro R5000 has the following features and highlights.
Let’s take a look at what the product manager said. “With the introduction of the AMD FirePro R5000 with Teradici PCoIP processor, IT departments now have powerful centralized computing solutions that are easy to manage, and deliver the graphics performance required to handle high resolution images, video and 3D models with ease,” said by Trent Punnett,
As an advanced processor producer, they developed the powerful FirePro R5000 Remote Graphics with these features:
AMD FirePro R5000 Remote Graphics Features and Benefits
  • Low Power Solution: Maximum power consumption of 150W helps to minimize power costs and enables the use of small footprint low power client devices that are capable of supporting up to four displays remotely;
  • Effective Cooling: Minimizes system heat and fan noise in employee work areas, helps to reduce cooling costs and create cooler, quieter workspaces while a variable speed fan adjusts to accelerate the exchange of air heated by server components for cooler ambient air;
  • Scale and Simplicity: Centrally located in the data center, IT can accommodate flexible seating arrangements or provide employees with zero clients, ultimately helping IT get employees up and running more quickly;
  • Flexibility of Deployment: Delivers the deployment flexibility IT needs, including the option to deploy in desktop workstations, rack and blade servers, and PCIe® expansion chassis;
  • Power Management: AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power intelligent power management and monitoring tools enable IT managers to effectively track and contain power usage;
  • High Performance Remote Protocol: The next generation Teradici TERA2240 host processor is able to transmit up to 300 megapixels per second and drive up to four displays per end user, with refresh rates up to 60 frames per second giving what Teradici describes as “the best remote user experience possible.
Let us expecting the powerful R5000 Remote Graphics. And we can image if our computer have the strong graphics, we can manage the  images and pictures or even 3Ds more easily and with the best effect and fast performances.
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