AMD Tigris Laptop Platform

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AMD Tigris

AMD will showcase a new mainstream notebook platform called Tigris at the upcoming 2009 Computex Show in Taipei, Chinese Commercial Times reports.

The Tigris includes a 45-nanometer dual-core “Caspian” processor and the RS880M chipset.

According to AMD’s laptop roadmap, the Caspian will be paired with DDR2 800MHz memory and a DirectX 10.1-compatible integrated or dedicated video card, depending on configuration. Both video solutions include the UVD2 chip for hardware decoding of HD content and support PCIe Gen 2.

Commercial Times says the AMD Tigris will target 14-inch and larger notebooks, while Yukon and Congo platforms will be used in laptops with 13-inch and smaller screens.

In 2010, the chip maker is reportedly going to unveil a new notebook platform that will feature quad core processors and support for DDR3 memory.

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