Clearwire Launches New 4G Devices

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Clearwire has announced the latest suite of devices, the CLEAR Spot 4G, CLEAR Spot 4G+, and the CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB, supporting new 4G mobile broadband connectivity.

“The CLEAR Spot 4G offers the speed and flexibility of a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, simultaneously connecting multiple Wi-Fi devices at 4G speeds, while the CLEAR Spot 4G+ adds the option of allowing users to easily and securely use nationwide 3G coverage when outside the 4G coverage area. In addition, the CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB modem is the first dual-mode mobile USB from CLEAR to deliver 4G and nationwide 3G Internet coverage to the MacBook and MacBook Pro along with other non-Mac devices,” Clearwire’s press release says.

The company says it offers unlimited 4G plans and that users can experience “average mobile download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts over 10 mbps”.

In most markets, unlimited 4G coverage from CLEAR starts at $30 for the home, while unlimited mobile plans start at $40.

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