Eight tips for Laptop battery life maintenance

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1. When there is no external power, if the laptop can be working temporarily without a PCMCIA card slot, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend battery life time.

2. Room temperature (20-30 degrees) is the optimum working temperature of the battery. The too high or too low temperature operating environment will reduce battery usage time.

3. It is not correct to remove the battery for extended battery life when the environment can provide a stable power supply. Take Asus laptop for example, when the battery is fully charged, its charging circuit will automatically shut down, and so it will not overcharge.
4. It is suggested that an average of three months to conduct a battery power correction action is proper.

5. Minimize the number of battery usage.
The battery charge and discharge times are directly related to the life of it. The battery will forward to a retirement step for each charge. It is suggested that you try to use an external power supply as possible as you can.

6. Use an external power supply when the battery is removed.
Some users often plug the power of the laptop with the battery several times in a day, which does more damage to the battery. Because every access to an external power supply is the equivalent of charging the battery, the battery life shortened by a naturally.

7. Exhaust battery before the charge and Avoid charging time is too long
Regardless of your notebook uses lithium or NiMH, be sure to make the power exhausted after the full (capacity less than 1%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. Lithium also has memory effect, but its memory effect is smaller than nickel-metal hydride Bale.

8. The usual precautions
Prevent exposure, prevent damp and prevent the erosion of chemical liquids in daily use. Avoid battery touch with metal objects etc.

Whatever, if your battery worked out, you can definitely buy another high quality ones from  laptop battery providers.

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