Five Tips for traveling with your laptop

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As the Summer holidays approach,  try to remember these safety tips when traveling with your laptop. These tips can be safety, cool and energy-saving.

There are 5 important items to pay attention to.

1. First of all, keep safe. Encrypt your laptop – having a whole disk encryption system will deny anyone unauthorized access to your laptop, even if stolen. You should also be away of the hot place or water or keep the laptop away from hard rocks and other objects.

2. Be sure to bring it with you. Bear in mind to keep your laptop with you – if flying, you will need to carry your laptop onboard;  be prepared to turn the laptop off for the security check.

3. Take care your surround. When using your laptop in a public place such as the airport, separate yourself from others and be careful not to allow anyone to look over your shoulder.

4. Using WiFi hotspots in airports and other public places is risky – WiFi hotspots are not secure and can be easily snooped.  Do not  process sensitive information while connected to a Wifi hotspot unless the application you are using is encrypted end to end.

5. Bring your accessories for multimedia enjoy. Anyone won’t like a dull travel. Waching movies, enjoying special music, or playing games on your psp, iphone are all good choice for your spare time on the go. Diverse your travel with your laptop campanions.

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