How to Choose a New Optical Drive for My Laptop?

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It is really a bad luck that I bought a laptop with a bad optical drive two years ago. And obviously it did not work. I have tried several times to play DVD. The results made me feel frustrated.

I have made my decision to change it to a good one for two reasons. First, I will start using my laptop to enrich my spare time for watching movies and some documentary film. Second,I will start my children education using my laptop. Although it seems impossible now for a peaceful using process with a baby boy tapping here and there with his little fingers.

How to choose a new optical drive for my laptop?

There are internal DVD drives and external DVD drives. However, I don’t have an external DVD drive. So It sounds a good idea for me to choose a internal notebook DVD drive.

There are two flavors: CD Optical Driver and DVD optical drive. I want a DVD. All DVD drives can read CDs, so there’s no point in buying a plain CD drive.

The next is important for me. I want to record DVDs and burn DVDs. Most optical drives that record support all the standards. I do not want to burn CDs, so I don’t need a combo drive. I only need a optical drive that can read and write discs.

How about the interface of optical DVDs?

There are three main types of DVD drive interface: IDE, SATA and ATA. I should know and compare the features to select one.

IDE is the older of these technologies, so any computer built before 2006 will be very likely to have IDE connectors. Any computer built since mid-2007 will be very likely to have SATA connectors. ATA: The daddy of all hard drive and optical drive connectors is the ATA, which stands for AT Attachment. The AT came from the IBM PC AT computer, introduced in the 1980s. Yes, it’s an old standard.

What about Blu-ray DVD?

Blu-ray is the current top-of-the-line optical drive standard developed by Sony. High capacity and with high prices, and much software cannot support blu-ray or do not compatible with blu-ray DVDs. Considering all these limitations, I gave up blu-ray dvd drive.After checking the hardware information and the connections instructions, I decided to buy a SATA interface laptop DVD drive.

Finally I choose this Genuine Lenovo Thinkpad Dvd 8x Sata Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive.And I will start my plan to make home movies with my laptop and burn them to dvds.Stay tuned for my stories.


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