How to Make Your Laptop Run Faster?

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I have being so frustrated by this question: How to make my laptop run faster?  When I was writing a document, the computer froze frequently. When a business man contacts me by skype, the talk window sometimes freezes. I really hate a pokey computer. Slow computer not only harm your business, your mood, and can ruin your important files in seconds when it is locking up and interrupt your normal life or business.


There are the following ways to speed your laptop computer.

1. Remove the unused software on your computer.

You had better check your installed computer from time to time. We usually install some instant use application and never use it again. Check and list it , and then uninstall them all.

2. If your program is all essential one, just enlarge your memory.

Enlarging the memory to enhance the efficiency of working on your computer is quite important. And the memory is not as expensive as before. Just give your computer a larger memory and space to run more programs.

3. Use a cleaner to clean the using history.

If you are a computer expert, you can delete the temporary files, personal histories from time to time. If you are not good at finding these files, just apply a cleaner software. Ther e are so many of them. Choose one of high rates from Cnet or other download sites. It is of significant to choose one that suite you.

4. Spy your computer program.

Take care of the computer virus. Some probably slow down your computer or eat your memory.

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