Intel Announces 2010 Core vPro for Business Laptops

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Intel Core vPro

Intel has announced the 2010 Intel Core vPro technology for business-class laptop and desktop PCs.

Desinged to “keep downtime and desk-side visits to a minimum,” the new vPro version features improved remote manageability, security, and anti-theft functionalities. It comes with the Core i5 and i7 processors with TurboBoost and Hyper-Threading technologies, the Intel QM57 and QS57 chipsets for notebooks, and new Centrino WiFi and WiMAX wireless adapters.

With the included vPro KVM Remote Control, IT workers can remotely monitor, diagnose, repair and secure vPro-enabled PCs, even if the computer is sleep or powered down, as well as perform remote system shutdowns and reboots.

Here are the features highlighted by Intel:

– KVM Remote Control allows IT to see what their customers see, reliably through all states, even beyond firewalls.

– AES-NI enables new processor instructions to accelerate and protect encryption operations.

– Remote encryption management provides the capability to remotely unlock encrypted drives that require pre-boot authentication while managing data security settings even when the PC is off.

– Intel Anti-Theft Technology, disables access to data in the event of theft or loss by delivering a “poison pill” while providing simple remote reactivation on PC recovery.

– Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) allows IT to better discover, heal, and protect their networked computing assets.

– Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) allows IT to remotely manage systems while providing highly secure, centralized, and virtualized IT services to end users.

– Streamline Windows 7 deployment by quickly and remotely upgrading PCs overnight, minimizing disruptions to users, and without losing access to legacy applications.

– Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 offers premium performance and innovative features with up to an 8x bandwidth.

The 2010 Intel Core vPro is already available in some business laptops, such as select Lenovo ThinkPad and HP EliteBook models.

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