Intel Laptop Processors

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Intel Core 2

Intel has announced four new laptop processors – the high-performance Intel Core 2 Duo T9900, P9700, and P8800, and the ultra-low voltage Pentium SU2700.

The Core 2 Duo T9900, with a TDP of 35 Watts, runs at 3.06GHz and has 6MB of L2 cache, whereas the 25W P9700 and P8800 are clocked at 2.83GHz and 2.66GHz respectively. The P9700 has 6MB of L2 cache, while the P8800 has 3MB. All three CPUs have 1066MHz front side bus and are designed for use in standard-sized Centrino 2 notebooks.

On the other side, the new ULV Intel Pentium SU2700 single-core processor, with a 10W TDP, will be used in affordable ultra-thin laptops. The SU2700 features a core clock speed of 1.3GHz, 2MB of L2 cache, and a 800MHz FSB.

In addition, Intel announced the Mobile Intel GS40 Express Chipset for the new ULV-based notebooks. The new chipset features a hardware-based decoder of HD video, Windows Vista Premium support and native support for integrated HDMI.

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