Intel Showcases New Atom-Based Platforms for Netbooks, Tablets

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Intel has showcased “the world’s thinnest netbook” at the ongoing Computex Show in Taipei.

Based on the new “Canoe Lake” platform, the 14mm thin netbook concept utilizes a dual-core mobile Atom CPU and runs cooler than current netbooks, according to Intel.

Intel has also revealed “Oak Trail” SoC (system-on-chip) Intel Atom processor–based platform “optimized for sleek tablet and netbook designs, delivering up to a 50 percent reduction in average power consumption with full HD-video playback and targeting software choice including MeeGo, Windows 7 and Google operating systems”.

The company says the first mobile dual-core Intel Atom processors are in production now and will hit the market before the winter holiday season, while the DDR3 supporting single-core Atom N455 and N475 chips are available today.

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