Kai-fu Lee : Mobile Internet is the outbreak of the future do not want to view the future with the past

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20150115082811479d0_550January 14 , living in Taiwan recuperate and lack of appearance of Innovation Works CEO Kai-fu Lee , dressed in a trim black suit , made a lecture entitled ” Digital Revolution: the golden age of innovation and entrepreneurship ,” public speaking .

“Today’s entrepreneurial era than any moment in human history since have brought greater opportunities .” “First Financial Daily” correspondent saw , standing on the stage of Kai-fu Lee looked in good spirits , talking calm and powerful.

Speech, he pointed to a number of identification such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, the US group, millet , balance Po and other innovative applications listed on behind the PPT of the audience said: “If 70% of the above companies do not know , then you OUT of . “

Do not want to view the future with the past

Mobile Internet is the explosive growth and profoundly change our lives , but if go down to look at the next five years , Kai-fu Lee believes that today ‘s change may be negligible.

Kai-fu Lee expects a big change in the future are: changes that occur in the future are not the product of change . ” If you just want the car will not be electronic, TV is not smart , then you are wrong .” His car, for example , “If you have a little imagination , the future of the whole transport mode will change soon in the future should you can see that the car is no driver , no driving, it will take you where you want when you want. so if you still want a taxi , subway things are little OUT . “

“The future of our life, recreation, housing and other aspects will be thoroughly subversive , absolutely can not think about the future with a view of the past .” Kai-fu Lee said , “For example , the future of the computer than you should first know where you want to go today , what to eat , where to go . “

“If you want to grasp the future , more and young people contact .” Kai-fu Lee said, in addition to Google, almost every one of the latest applications are his daughter told him. “In the future this trend will become more serious . Today, ten , fifteen -year-olds are in the mobile Internetera of growth, the future of content they create .”

With the change in the future mobile Internet market , Kai-fu Lee judgment , future investment in this area will be changed dramatically.

The first change is the company more valuable. In the United States , the value of the past four years for each round of financing business doubled , China may not stop .

And the next , those entrepreneurs who earn a pot of gold , some of which continue to do business or angel investors . Kai-fu Lee said: “In the best investors in the United States is a young entrepreneur who had their hands and know how to grow start-ups , how to do , China is , they will be investing in the future star .”

This also means that the traditional accelerators and incubators need slowly changed . “Because of accelerators and incubators and young angels want to compete they must have their own expertise .”

Meanwhile , Google , Baidu , Tencent , FB and other giants are crazy big money investment.

” Behind this is the ‘ innovator’s dilemma ‘ .” Kai-fu Lee interpretation, these giants are very clearly see an innovative company has created tremendous value , but more and more difficult to subvert their own , can not put the past accumulation. So they hit the big money to own a great time can be more than a continuation of the past few years .

And many innovative companies are doing is constantly speculate what a user wants to narrow the field , continue to put this area bigger and bigger , and then become the industry leader.

” Didi taxi taxi and fast in the past year to burn 2.4 billion yuan , it may sound a little crazy , but in a very huge market leader and a very significant advantage is huge, so throwing money is a worthwhile bet . ” Kai-fu Lee said.

A very important change of investment, with the increase in all types of investments , future options listed companies will be reduced. ” Listing need financial transparency , facing shareholders winded , quarterly earnings pressure, but if financing 1 billion , $ 2 billion in private markets , to solve the problem of employee motivation , we do not want listed on the stock market to attract these businesses will be more be more difficult . “

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