Laptop Alternatives for Christmas Gift for Kids

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The Christmas is coming. And it is really a gift preparation season. It never becomes outdated to choose laptops for School kids. The kids either needs laptops for study or enjoy their leisure time, or expand their friend circle. Why not consider buying tablets for school kids instead of laptops?

Purchasing a tablet can eliminate the needs for laptops sometimes. Maybe the kids are expecting a laptop for schoolwork under the tree the holiday season. There are some tablets choices to be alternatives for the laptop needs.

Android Tablets

There are some good and high quality tablets with cheaper prices, Like samsung Galaxy tab, Chromebook, Nexus, Asus tablet, Acer tablet, Asus Transformer Pad etc,. With deeper research, you can match a proper one for the gift for kids. And there are lots of useful software for kid use in schoolwork. Install the basic ones for them. Acer has a new Chromebook for $199 and Samsung another for $249. Either of these Chromebooks are fine laptops for kids that should handle all schoolwork needs on a budget.

iPad & iPad Mini

iPad is the most popular tablets on the market. The iPad family are larger than before, iPad, ipad 2, the New iPad, and iPad mini. The prices are different. The iPad is not the cheapest tablet but it is reviewed as the best tablets for ever. Don’t forget iPad 2, thought it is not the latest and the greatest iPad, but at $399 is as capble as the newest models. It will do everthing the most latest one can do. Bring it with a good keyboard and your kids can do schoolwork with ease, while also can play games and enjoy media easily.

Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface is the innovative tablet available in the Market this year. But from the expert reviews, it may not suitable for everyone. The advantage is the built in Microsoft Office. It can be good for kids to do schoolwork. The price is about $599.


1. Parent Control. It is important.
2. Protect Kids. Kids are vulnerable and they can not detect some cheats and the fraud in the Internet World.
3. Be careful of the Malware.
4. Watch out your wallet. Manage the expense of the tablets monthly budget.

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