Optimus Switchable Graphics Technology

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NVIDIA has announced Optimus technology, a switchable graphics solution for laptops combining NVIDIA’s dedicated and Intel’s integrated GPUs on-the-fly.

Optimus “chooses the best graphics processor for running a given application and automatically routes the workload to either an NVIDIA discrete GPU or Intel integrated graphics – delivering great performance while also providing great battery life”.

“When playing 3D games, running videos, or using GPU compute applications the high-performance NVIDIA discrete GPU is used. When using basic applications, like web surfing or email, the integrated graphics processor is used. The result is long lasting battery life without sacrificing great graphics performance”, NVIDIA says.


According to the GPU maker, Optimus extends battery life by up to 2 times compared to similarly configured systems equipped with discrete graphics processors.

Laptops with NVIDIA Optimus technology will be available soon, according to the press release. The first notebooks with Optimus will be the Asus UL50Vf, N61Jv, N71Jv, N82Jv, and U30Jc.

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