Review: Genius Micro Traveler 900BT

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The Micro Traveler 900BT is a very small wireless mouse. So small, in fact, that Genius could only fit one ‘l’ into the word ‘traveller’. OK, that might not be strictly true, but this mouse is extremely small – just 74mm long.

While that means that it is very easy to carry around with you if you don’t want to have to rely on your laptop’s trackpad, it does make using it for long periods of time quite uncomfortable. This is not a mouse for day-to-day use, but we found for brief sessions it worked well.

Because it uses Bluetooth, it meant not only was it wireless, there was no USB dongle needed – one less thing to carry about – but you’ll need to make sure your laptop or netbook has Bluetooth connectivity before you buy this.

Even with the battery in, it’s very light, although it does feel quite fragile – we’re not sure that it could withstand that many knocks and bumps.

It’s got a good amount of DPI (1200) for its laser, which makes it feel quick and responsive when in use.

We wouldn’t recommend this as a primary input device – because the size really does make using it for too long quite uncomfortable – but as a back up mouse this is a compact and convenient choice.

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