Save My Laptop from the Problem of Black Screen – DIY

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It is a confusing question for me because of the black screen problems of my lenovo laptop, which I have bought two years ago. The laptop of mine turned black screen when I was watching videos frequently. I could still remember the embarassed experience for me two months ago. When I started video chat with my intimate friend, it occurrred four times. And I restart my computer for four times.

Since the black screen problem has strongly ruined my laptop using experience. I decide to resolve the tough problem for me. And I could not bear restarting the computer every time it frozed with sounds and black screen. So I asked some experts of my friends who are good at it.

First, he told me to check if it is the problem of heat dissipation. And after a week, I bought a cpu cooler. It seemed that the laptop had a peaceful time without many problems. But it did not make it. The black screen problem occurred after several weeks. I was baffled and annoyed a lot. How can I cope with the terrible status of using computer?

Second, When I told him it did not work. And I described a lot about the sound that accompanished with the black screen. The sound is aloud and it sounds like buzzing. He guessed that it was probably the memory problem. Because he helpe me from the remote online chat, so he could only estimate the trouble. The memory may be oxidised. And he let me to rub the memory with a cleaning cloth. But I should buy some proper tools to get the memory out.

How do you guess the result? My computer is repaired or not? Sadly, it is still with the black screen problem. My laptop is just after the end of the warranty.

I have no choice but to exam it with some tools. And I decide to resolve the problem of black screen of my lenovo laptop completely. Bettter late than never.


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