Six classic introductory knowledge of notebook computer

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Nowadays, more and more readers to buy a notebook, but not necessarily buy a notebook, people will use the notebook, we found that many users in the new machine hand, will ask some very basic problem, but also a veteran, also not necessarily can answer these ridiculous harmonic non problem. So, we will give you an interpretation of six general knowledge questions.

First, fan will not turn at boot time, fault code or a bug?

No, because of the notebook computer internal temperature control design, the fan in the boot when the switch will soon stop rotation, only when the notebook reaches a certain temperature that will accelerate the rotation.So, if you boot without performming some resource program, you basically can not hear the voice of the fan. Once the high work loads, such as playing high solution rate video, running 3D games, the fan will start high-speed rotation.

Second, the notebook LCD screen surface heating is a quality problem?

Many novice are worried about heating liquid crystal screen high, thinking of choosing an great LCD screen of notebook. In fact, due to the desktop LCD no size limit, large space, good heat dissipation effect, so difficult to feel the heat.While the high-pressure Bag Laptop LCD screen is placed on the top cover, and the main part of high pressure bag is circuit and electric coils, heating of the work in the junior middle school physics textbooks are introduced.

Third, do new notebooks need to charge the battery for 12 hours?

Laptop battery, in the factory testing has been performed a battery activation step. so, when you put the new notebook home,remember not to separate battery charging for 12 hours. The consumption of components belonging to the notebook battery. Pay attention to avoid excessive heat. Reduce the charge and discharge times as possible as you can.

Fourth, why notebook computer is slower than desktop one?

In fact, the main reason is that the hard disk, the current mainstream notebook hard drive speed of 5400 rpm, while the desktop is usually 7200 rpm. The contrast test, the notebook and the integrated machine data display, hard disk is the performance bottleneck of notebook.

Fifth,Can the notebooks be converted to other Windows system?

Absolutely yes. You can install any Windows XP/7/8, or other operation systems.

Six, low temperature will also affect the laptop?

Yes, the the best notebook environment is temperature between 10 ℃ ~40 ℃, but you will find that high-end graphics card installed some games, the internal temperature is common in seventy or eighty degrees, so the normal temperature of notebook is not immediately affected, but long-term use in high temperature environments will accelerate the aging of components.For low temperature, when 0 ℃, lithium-ion battery capacity will be reduced by 20%, -10 ℃ capacity only half the standard capacity. Long-term use of notebook in the MCM division of social and low-temperature environment, LCD screen light appeared dead. That may cause permanent damage. Friends in cold place should pay more attention to it.

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