The Acer’s corporate culture and development of history

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Acer break down barriers between technology and people for their historical mission, adhere to the user-friendly design-oriented, and sustained development of the” Empowering Technology “care technology to provide consumers with easy-to-use, the acer desktop reliable products and Acer laptop battery, especially for the actual needs of consumers, the successful development of a more simple and convenient user interface, providing a variety of practical computer configuration options so that users can easily control the machine and enjoy the high-tech, which improve the quality of life.

Acer, with 30 years in the IT industry, the huge accumulation of its product technology, product quality is a global leader. Aspire 2003 the third generation of home computer products, home mode to new heights; for notebooks, Acer continues to strengthen the “thin and light is the development trend of the mainstream”, the thickness of the product to 50 cents from 1 dollar coins coins changes reflect the Acer “nothing fight” spirit and always leading technical strength. 2007, Acer captured the new demands of consumers: the home and business notebook market segregation is increasingly evident, further broken down, especially from the appearance of the home and business notebook products truly meet the new demands of consumers, and a new image leading science and technology a new fashion.

The Acer America Corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California, is one of the Acer Group, responsible for the United States and Canada R & D, engineering, manufacturing and marketing. In September 1990, Altos, the Computer Systems, Acer the acquisitions LUNIX system’s top manufacturers. In February 1997, Acer’s purchase of Texas Instruments’ mobile computing sector contains the Travel Mate and Extensa notebook computer products, as well as the Canon NB-2L battery industry, which making Acer to become America’s fourth-largest notebook computer manufacturer. U.S. Acer stronghold in Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, management, distribution and marketing, manufacturing and customer service. Acer’s company in North America Gateway and Packard Bell.

Acer has long been invested many resources in the area of ​​sports marketing, sports activities by supporting the movement to emphasize dynamic, excellent, sharp, perfect and other characteristics, successfully transferred to the companies and products. In particular, is a party program racing industry are focused on technology, innovation and collectivism, and support world-class Ferrari team will help strengthen the leading image of Acer.

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