The thickness notebook can be called “thin”

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Do you understanding how the thickness notebook can be called “thin”? Perhaps you would first think about the “super’s term synonymous with the light. now the most popular in this matter, while the thickness of the limit is the standard one. However, apart from the super pole Is no other ultra-thin body thickness of the notbook yet?

Over the past those who are “extremely slim” all-powerful notebook, listed after known as the world’s most ultra-thin,which is not to play the leading role in the notebook field, but now look at those ultra-thin.the thickness is really a kind of illusion of the warp, as if people can not believe that we look forward to extremely. Do not put good quality and fitful dell d531 battery in laptop ? A few simple examples, let us look at how thin-known books are the specific accomplishments.

Known as “the history of the thinnest 14-inch notebook” the Dell XPS14Z body thickness 23mm;known for outstanding industrial design 13-inch Fujitsu SH771 body thickness is 23.2mm; “CEO,” said Toshiba R800 the thickness of the body a full 27.5mm; the thinnest AMD Notebook ASUS X32U thickness 22.5mm; the thickness of the notebook the ThinkPad X220 has been the worship universal is actually about 34mm. of course, the ThinkPad has always been not to thin on the first, by virtue of their superior experience, it has been able to remain in the minds of black fans will survive.

“Super pole” has become synonymous with “thin” one, in fact, the 21mm thickness of really can be said to be a watershed. Above several books when the first thought in Xiaobian,they are talking about ”non-ultra-extreme the light of this part of the model, If you look at several laptop models above you will subconsciously linked with the” thin ” ? However, when these data in front of us but have to admit that these notbooks really are really thick, which has also good qualiy Inspiron 1501 battery. these products into the thinnest Asus X32U 22.5mm more than the final super- pole of this 1.5mm.

Of course, this is not all, of 21mm although harsh, but it does not mean that is no, to meet the super pole 21mm thin body standard notebook exist: super-pole of this definition recently listed 16.5mm Samsung 900X1B; high-end business positioning 16.65mm Sony of Z2; light of this criterion like the MacBook Air – 17mm; ignored 0.3mm can barely count, including the ThinkPad X1.these products are not classified in the super pole of this name. but its thin and light portability is absolutely excellent.

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