High-Energy Batteries

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Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles, battery Panasonic laptop Acer employment and consumer electronics giant, to develop the next generation of batteries. The partnership is designed to help improve Tesla reduce the cost of batteries and range of vehicles.
Panasonic announced two high-energy batteries (Battery Aspire One Aspire 3680 Battery Aspire 5050 Battery) for electric vehicles. These new batteries store as much energy as 30 percent more than its previous lithium-ion batteries, and this increased capacity could increase, in theory, an area of ??the vehicle by a similar amount, and therefore one of the main problems addressed in the context of the electric car.
The other major challenge for electric vehicles, the cost of batteries. Tesla is not the announcement of the potential cost savings to come with batteries, but JB Straubel, Tesla Motors Officer Chief Technology Officer, said Aspire 3030 battery Aspire 3050 battery costs have been steadily declining to about 8 percent year.
Tesla plans to incorporate Panasonic cells in the battery, and works with Panasonic cells in refined for use in cars develop, Straubel said. To do this, Tesla is based on data from the 1000 cars it so far, have been moved to over a million miles pulling collected. Tesla currently obtains its batteries from a variety of manufacturers.
This procedure Tesla cars are not immediately additional area of ??new battery cells of high energy, Straubel said, there is a long process of validating the effectiveness of new cells. In addition, the actual range will vary up. (For example, electronic controls keep the battery fully discharged from, to help improve the safety and reliability of full discharges can damage some materials aspire 5550 battery Aspire 5560 battery. Controls how the battery depends its chemical composition and other details of the cell design.)
In theory, silicon electrodes hold much more energy than carbon electrodes, replace Aspire 5570 battery Aspire 5580 battery, but tend to swell and break silicon electrodes. You must be tested to ensure that these problems have been resolved.

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The Reasons Why Laptop battery power become less

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Many Internet users and friends using a laptop may be found that the laptop battery power the more you use, the less it will be. Some specifically to professional information, suspected quality problems. In fact, this problem is normal.

To explain this problem, you have to talk about the structure of the battery. Before we understand the basic structure of the battery, laptop battery batteries and management chip. The batteries power storage “warehouse” management chip computing power and manage the charging and discharging process. The main elements that play a role in the batteries is lithium, which is an active element in order to ensure safety, only the state of ions in the battery. Inspiron 1525 battery shape similar to an ordinary battery, but often do laptop battery group. We often see the “core”, “six-cell battery refers to the number of batteries in the battery.

Batteries means that the capacity, the number of batteries of high capacity battery is generally about eight. The reason I talked about the batteries group is a group of batteries is the battery power to reduce the “culprit”. Batteries, the batteries in the group are not the same quality and discharge standards. After the discharge, in order to maintain voltage stability, management chip will detect the worst batteries charging protection. Often the past, the battery power will naturally be gradually reduced. This phenomenon, ready to use battery-correction function, this function can balance the batteries burden “work”.

I Should mention here the measurement of the battery, there are four kinds of common, but generally are integrated several ways to use one of the main methods of calculation, the rest of the supporting calculations to achieve the power calculation, and management.

The first one is the open circuit voltage measurements, this method is by measuring the battery voltage in the stationary state values ​​to calculate the remaining battery capacity, but due to the relationship between the voltage and remaining capacity in lithium-ion batteries still non-linear Therefore, the measured value of this method is not accurate, the vast majority of mobile phone batteries have adopted this method of calculation.

The second is called the Coulomb calculation method, which is calculated by measuring the battery charge and discharge current, the current value and time value of the product integral battery charge into the electricity and the release of electricity, Coulomb calculation is a more accurate power calculation;The third is the impedance measurement method, by measuring the resistance within the battery remaining Inspiron 1520 battery capacity value.

The fourth is a comprehensive look-up table method, set a table, voltage, current, temperature and other parameters input, you can query the remaining capacity of the battery.But regardless of which method, in charge management chip follow the “bucket theory”, to state the worst batteries subject to protection. Regular battery calibration to a certain extent to protect the battery, to extend the overall battery life.

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