Review: MSI GT680

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Review: MSI GT680

The MSI GT680 is exactly what you want from a gaming machine. Raw power, great speakers and a chassis that looks like it began life as an X-Files prop.

The limited battery life and flimsy keyboard mean you won’t want to use this as a work machine but it’s excellent value for gaming.

Beginning with the design, the MSI GT680 continues the gaming laptop trend of aggressive styling, plenty of bulk and blinking LEDs. The black plastic chassis isn’t going for subtlety and the large speaker grilles next to the screen hinges are immediately noticeable. As is the chrome border around the touchpad and the banks of orange LEDs edging the screen and palm rest.

Unfortunately, while the LEDs look cool, they aren’t particularly bright and are easily forgotten when using the laptop in any brightly-lit environment.

The build quality doesn’t extend to the keyboard, which flexes horrendously. It looks nice, and there is plenty of space for typing, but it feels flimsy when working for any length of time.

The 15.6-inch screen is smaller than some of the other gaming and multimedia laptops we’ve seen, but this does mean you can fit the MSI into conventional laptop bags for some mobile gaming. At least, this would be the case if it didn’t weigh 3.5kg and have a battery life of 122 minutes.

The screen has a Super-TFT coating that adds plenty of colour and depth to games and movies. However, it isn’t nearly as bright as some machines we’ve reviewed, such as the Dell Latitude XFR.

The sound, meanwhile, took full advantage of the Dynaudio speakers and filled the room with gunshots, screeching tyres and the anguished cries of wounded henchmen.

Top specifications

Inside the MSI GT680 are some very impressive components. The Sandy Bridge Intel CPU is a top-spec Core i7 2630QM and the 8GB of RAM is twice as much as we’re used to.

Unsurprisingly the dedicated graphic card is one of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 460M models and capable of running the latest games on their highest detail settings without affecting the frame rate.

TechRadar Labs

tech labs

Battery Eater ’05: 122 minutes
Cinebench: 17212
3DMark 2006: 13936

MSI has included plenty of connectivity and the GT680 boasts two USB 3.0 ports for faster connections to external drives and peripherals. Elsewhere there are two regular USB ports, HDMI and VGA slots for external monitors, an eSata port and a Gigabit Ethernet connection if you don’t fancy using the 802.11n Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. We’re also pleased to see a Blu-ray drive included as standard.

In most cases, we can recommend gaming laptops because their superior spec means they are suited to almost any task. Not in this case. If you’re a gamer, we’d suggest the MSI because of the way it looks and the excellent performance from that Intel Core i7 processor. If you’re not a gamer the irritating keyboard and mediocre battery life all count against the MSI as an all-rounder.

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Mend Your Laptop Batteries Wisely

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Mend Your Laptop Batteries Wisely

In this holy day, where everyone is busy and you want to do something hommia notebook increasingly popular. Such a computer, you can always carry with you everywhere. The main feature of all backup laptop notebook batteries supplied. It is necessary to a full working laptop batteries to complete. There are some cases where these batteries used in portable computers to fail and not work anymore. In this case it is necessary for the recovery of Apple a1012 battery used in notebook computers.

Laptop batteries are a little different than other batteries. Laptop battery is short, and if you change the battery, so the question can be expensive. It is much better Apple a1079 batteries for laptops, instead of using a fixed exchange rate. They decided that a laptop battery repair. Could it be that the cells with a laptop battery has not worked well, and the bad. In this case, it would be more economical to replace the cells.

You can nickel-cells, easily portable computer batteries go. Lithium-ion battery hybrid, it is necessary for manufacturers to complete a battery with a protective layer of cells circuit.During exchange provides a living force. This is due to the fact that we are all your critical data exclusion of the chain tension lost, so he could remain in the chain is useless.Here are some basic and important steps needed to restore the Apple a1175 battery.

Balance, always goes after the close of the second round of the medium voltage to the battery, secondary and off when the relationship is over, the replacement cells. Typically, the cell laptop battery with a simple line of bands seen them hold together. Use the laptop battery should be replaced when their inner work station no longer functions properly in this case, you should not change the battery, because even if the new battery, get a new cell. It would be better to drive the whole Apple a1061 battery replacement to replace.

We must remember terminal voltage of 10% to the second. To prevent this, we can go together to push the cells, it is the best way to get reliable service from the station. It is possible that memory cells, which I published, often with a nickel-hydride cells. So recharge the HP g70 battery, and try to avoid overloading loading and unloading cycle over and over again for 14 hours. It is a process that is required, use the chain again laptop batteries.


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