New Laptop Coolers

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Antec has launched three new coolers for laptops – the Notebook Cooler Basic, Notebook Cooler Designer, and Notebook Cooler Mini.

The Notebook Cooler Basic is made of perforated aluminum and weighs 0,7lbs. It passively cools notebooks with up to 14-inch displays and has an integrated flip-up stand.

The Notebook Cooler Designer is for laptops up to 15-inch in size. It weighs 1.1lbs and has a 4.33-inch fan that operates at speeds of up to 800 RPM.

Antec’s Notebook Cooler Mini is the smallest model that weighs 0.44lbs, but supports up to 17-inch laptops. It features a 3.15-inch fan that runs at up to 1,200 RPM.

The Antec coolers have a three year warranty. The price for the Basic model is $24.95, $39.95 for Designer, and $39.95 for Mini model.

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Laptop Cooling Pad

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Choiix Air Trough

Can your notebook survive global warming or increased heat output from higher speed processors and increased memory capacities? Last year I reviewed the highly recommended Antec USB Notebook Cooler 200 and today I am going to tackle Choiix’s Air Through Stash Notebook Cooling Pad that is suitable for notebooks up to 15″ in size and that also adds a USB-to-SATA 2.5″ drive dock as well as a 3-port USB hub. Can Choiix trump Antec’s design in both performance and design? Read on to discover the whole truth.

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Cooling Pad for Your Laptop

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Microsoft Laptop Cooling Base

Microsoft has introduced the Laptop Cooling Base, the company’s first laptop stand.

“The stylish Notebook Cooling Base provides reliable cooling with a built-in fan and efficient cooling channel to prevent overheating. The base is easy to use with any laptop and is contoured to rest on both desks and users’ laps, providing a comfortable typing angle,” Microsoft says.


The stand is USB-powered and includes a cable management clip.

It will be available in July for an estimated retail price of $29.95.

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