The thickness notebook can be called “thin”

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Do you understanding how the thickness notebook can be called “thin”? Perhaps you would first think about the “super’s term synonymous with the light. now the most popular in this matter, while the thickness of the limit is the standard one. However, apart from the super pole Is no other ultra-thin body thickness of the notbook yet?

Over the past those who are “extremely slim” all-powerful notebook, listed after known as the world’s most ultra-thin,which is not to play the leading role in the notebook field, but now look at those ultra-thin.the thickness is really a kind of illusion of the warp, as if people can not believe that we look forward to extremely. Do not put good quality and fitful dell d531 battery in laptop ? A few simple examples, let us look at how thin-known books are the specific accomplishments.

Known as “the history of the thinnest 14-inch notebook” the Dell XPS14Z body thickness 23mm;known for outstanding industrial design 13-inch Fujitsu SH771 body thickness is 23.2mm; “CEO,” said Toshiba R800 the thickness of the body a full 27.5mm; the thinnest AMD Notebook ASUS X32U thickness 22.5mm; the thickness of the notebook the ThinkPad X220 has been the worship universal is actually about 34mm. of course, the ThinkPad has always been not to thin on the first, by virtue of their superior experience, it has been able to remain in the minds of black fans will survive.

“Super pole” has become synonymous with “thin” one, in fact, the 21mm thickness of really can be said to be a watershed. Above several books when the first thought in Xiaobian,they are talking about ”non-ultra-extreme the light of this part of the model, If you look at several laptop models above you will subconsciously linked with the” thin ” ? However, when these data in front of us but have to admit that these notbooks really are really thick, which has also good qualiy Inspiron 1501 battery. these products into the thinnest Asus X32U 22.5mm more than the final super- pole of this 1.5mm.

Of course, this is not all, of 21mm although harsh, but it does not mean that is no, to meet the super pole 21mm thin body standard notebook exist: super-pole of this definition recently listed 16.5mm Samsung 900X1B; high-end business positioning 16.65mm Sony of Z2; light of this criterion like the MacBook Air – 17mm; ignored 0.3mm can barely count, including the ThinkPad X1.these products are not classified in the super pole of this name. but its thin and light portability is absolutely excellent.

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Ultrathin vs Ultrabooks

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Ultrathin vs Ultrabooks

A couple of years all started with the launch of smartphones already did all that a computer had but undoubtedly the missing screen made them far to the notebooks, then came the Apple tablet and there appeared on the scene again the great question whether the iPad can replace a notebook computer. Then came with screens smaller than 13 or 11 inch netbooks and so-called contra-power missing ultrabooks arrived.

AMD now offers an alternative to ultrabooks which can cost up to 20% less. The ongoing 2012 CES innovations allowing for all the technology sector and in this case in the field of laptops. Thus the Las Vegas event reinforced the tendency for the market ultrabooks computers and Intel and the term responsible for placing on the field and stimulate the production of these models emerged greatly strengthened in 2011.

AMD’s response meanwhile has arrived, the company’s proposal is basically the same with the curious exception of the name, so instead of AMD ultrabooks suggests the production of ultrathin product, or Ultrafine notebook. Who broke the story was a specialized site, outside of the rumors in this sense because there were some data that were aired during the end of 2011. AMD’s intention is that their products are on the market since July .

To achieve this come into play at lower costs that AMD is able to generate in their lines. In this way the AMD ultrathin should cost up to 20% less in some cases. The big question about the news is on the ability of a product’s performance therefore cheaper in a generation of processors that appears to be under the control of Intel. It is believed that with Trinity APUs AMD manages to be more competitive in the laptop market as it currently is in the lines of conventional desktops.

In any case regardless of the effect of ultrafine compared to ultrabooks is true that the arrival of AMD in this market prices tend to jump down. Sources estimate that the company will be able to launch twenty models ultraportable different this year compared to 75 expected to run under Intel processors.

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ASUS B23E: 12.5 Inch Screen And Ultra-Thin Design

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ASUS B23E: 12.5 Inch Screen And Ultra-Thin Design

A new ASUS notebook hits the market with a 12.5 inch screen and an ultra-thin design. ASUS continues to present new developments in its product portfolio for the year 2012 already runs. The new release of the company is the ASUS B23E, this is an ultraportable that stands out for having a small but very interesting 12.5-inch screen, refined design and all the power of Intel hardware.

In spite of having dimensions and appearance of an ASUS ultrabook it apart from the rest and classified as an ultraportable. The model is as powerful as a ultrabook but with a much more competitive price. The format LED screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels plus a non-glare interesting resource. The design is simple with a black tone prevalent, the device is actually thicker at a traditional ultrabook.

In return this is much more powerful, this model receives second-generation processor line Core i Series models Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 or i7. The speeds of the Intel chips can reach 2.7 GHz to complete the proposed maximum performance is a notebook with compact dimensions and low weight the ASUS B23E can receive up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD graphics, HDMI output , 750 GB hard disk storage, input Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0 and 3.0.

The main focus of this notebook is a business market and data security resources prove this. The device features technology LoJack tracking equipment and password protection through the BIOS. The Asus B23E is available for purchase in the United States and its initial price is $ 922. Meanwhile Hewlett Packard launches a netbook with Intel Atom N2600 and the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, HP betting on small laptops announced the launch of the new Mini 1104.

The netbook has a 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and comes with the new generation of Intel processors. Atom N2600 processor has two cores and 1.6 GHz frequency besides GMA 3600 graphics card and up to 2 GB of RAM. The combination allowed the manufacturer to place the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium. The laptop has specifications simple, has the WiFi network connectivity and HSPA +, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.

To store data, the netbook has a 320 GB hard drive at 5,200 rpm and a 6-cell battery that promises a range of up to 9 hours use. Hewlett Packard Mini Model 1104 is available for purchase in the North American market for the suggested retail price of $ 399.

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ViewSonic VX2739wm, 27-inch LCD monitor with a response time of 1ms

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ViewSonic VX2739wm, 27-inch LCD monitor with a response time of 1ms

Coming attractions by ViewSonic. The American company has announced the upcoming market introduction of a new 27-inch LCD monitor for all those who want uncompromised performance.

ViewSonic VX2739wm has a Full HD native resolution, has a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a brightness of 300cd/m2. The factor that sets it apart from the crowd, however, is the response time set at a value never before achieved: a millisecond.

The display, as well as HDMI inputs, DVI and VGA, it boasts the presence of four USB ports and two speakers of 2W each.

ViewSonic VX2739wm is now in pre-order online store overseas at a price set at 349.99 U.S. dollars. At present there is no news on the actual availability of the product.

5800, v.50.0.005 firmware available for Product Code 0595998

After a few days from within the product code 0596011, with reporting by Manuel, we knows the number that Nokia has released new firmware for v.50.0.005 5800 with product code 0595998.
Completed thus expected to update the product code, at least for the No Brand. The devices branded by operators, however, almost certainly will not receive any updates.

You can upgrade to new firmware directly from the Nokia Software Updater.

44 of 100 iPad replace a netbook!

A recent survey by Alphawise, analyst Katy Huberty and Morgan Stanley, on March 2010, informed that 44% of shoppers have bought the iPad tablet sostituzone an Apple netbook / notebook!

The “middle way” between the iPhone and Macbook (so that the tablet was initially described in the Apple keynote in January) has been an enormous success, in both WiFi and 3G, as sales exceed one million devices!

The initial criticism from the iPad, focused on the impossibility of using such a product to a full replacement notebook! But it seems that many of these users would prefer the iPad to the laptop, did not consider therefore essential tastira physics, a webcam, a removable battery, Flash Support, Multi-tasking (which still will), etc..! It even seems that the iPad has slowed sales of notebooks in early 2010!

Probably it was the arrival of the iPad to direct the company HP, a leader in the field of notebookPC, the purchase of the Palm smartphone WebOS.

But while the iPad does not promote the sale of non-Apple laptops (20%), analysts tell us that in 41% of the tablet has replaced an iPod Touch, a Macbook in 24% and even 14% in the ‘buy a Mac (13% of a desktop PC)! Other data definitely positive for Cupertino indicate that 20 iPad of 100 have been purchased instead of another e-Reader is not Apple (like the Amazon Kindle’s) and in 17 cases out of 100 instead of a game-console, portable non-Apple (see Nintendo Game Boy and PSP).

Reade comic comics reader v2.03 for Windows Mobile, htc HD2 test on Video

We do not know how many of you read comics on a mobile device, but this program could be useful to someone. There are several programs for the iPhone and other devices. This program, comic reader, is also available for Windows Mobile and allows you to directly read a variety of formats like zip, rar, crb, cbz and directories containing images, all formats that are popular comics on the web.

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Tips for taking care of the LCD screen of your notebook

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Tips for taking care of the LCD screen of your notebook

LCD screens or Plasma have individual tubes for each point on the screen, it’s like small bulbs if they burn there is no way replace or repair these lamps, depending on how many bulbs the only solution is to exchange the screen.Hp have a positive premium notebook and HP pavilion dv5000 battery is not lighting up the screen, the LEDs connect all over the screen pretty well anything that is before the monitor does not light it was giving some legs on the image type as an old TV that had helped to adjust the image.

1 – Try to avoid touching the LCD screen, at least if it is touchscreen. Many forget that the notebook screen is not covered by a hard and thick layer of glass as conventional monitors. When you touch the screen, is actually in contact with a mild, subtle film that pushed a lot of hostility can damage the pixels (smallest unit of monitor resolution) behind her.They also occupied the system and save HP pavilion dv5 batterypower.Notebook keyboard repair, recovery in case of spillage of water and other liquids.

2-Look also take care of cleaning the screen of your notebook, they can shade and discoloring on the screen. When it becomes inevitable clean, lightly a 100% cotton flannel or a soft dry cloth, removing only the excess powder, and after passing a soft cloth lightly moistened possible to take fingerprints and other marks on the LCD.Take a while before the service to be considered as a breach of HP pavilion dv4 battery component can damage your screen or the casing of the notebook urging the concert.

3 – For users of touch screens also have some recommendations. The fact that the screen of your computer is configured to accept manual touch, does not mean that it is resistant to dirt, scratches and other damage. Actually it is more likely to suffer some damage and should be cleaned more often.When you realize the difficulty to raise or lower the screen has given HP pavilion dv7 battery is possible that the hinge function is responsible for this missing lubrication or even breaking.

4 – Screen saver on laptop. You should also give some rest to your screen. LCD monitors, unlike conventional desktop, do not suffer the loss of dot pitch or the expense of phosphorus contained in the monitors, so do not need screen saver or screen saver. But in fact, a screen saver may “wake up” hard disk drives and processors from sleep mode. Leaving your HP mini 1000 battery in standby or screen saver when not in use, you increase the life of your laptop screen and also one of the most expensive components for replacement.

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6.5.3 for Windows Mobile Omnia 2 closer: New Roma JE1

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6.5.3 for Windows Mobile Omnia 2 closer: New Roma JE1

The Italian official update for the Omnia i8000 2 new Windows Mobile version 6.5.3 seems ever closer. At the moment it is not official yet, but in recent weeks are a number of successive Roma office with the version 6.5.3 of the system.

The last JE1 is an example. At the moment there seems no particular differences smartphone software and the speed is very good from the first test. Find downloads and more info in the Forum.

GDesk, the theme of Symbian Maemo interface is updated

The theme for GDesk, based on the GUI running on Maemo and S60 has received a major update.
Now the issue is much more complete than the previous version and you can download it from.

Apple will solve problems with a Wi-Fi iPad next firmware

A few weeks ago, near the exit iPad Wi-Fi, you talked about some issues related to Wi-Fi on the “multimedia table” of Apple.

Apple recently updated support document, specifying what are the current solutions to the problems of Wi-Fi iPad. In various forums, including the official one from Apple, the problem with the Wi-Fi is in fact at various times been touched.

The solutions listed in the new document are:

* Update the router firmware to the last available
* Use passwords for WPA or WPA2 Wireless Security
* Change the brightness of the screen (?)
* Renew the IP address

Apple Hardware denies a problem nonetheless, adding that in the near future these problems will be fixed with a software update. Expect then a new firmware update soon which could be the iPad 3.2.1.

The problem which we have discussed include the weak signal and lack of access to reta with your password. According to Apple, the problem is still a small slice of iPad users.

Inception, the spectacular final trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan

Expected in U.S. cinemas on 16 July (we will only come September 3) Inception is a science fiction movie – written and directed by Christopher Nolan – the plot that will see as a fascinating protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the best ever in the dangerous art of extraction, ie the theft of valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious in dreams, when the mind is most vulnerable. The rare ability to Cobb has made him an actor in this new world of corporate espionage misleading, but it has also made an international fugitive costing the loss of everything he loved.

But Cobb is offered a chance for redemption: one last job may give him back his life, but only if he can accomplish the impossible – the inception, in fact -. Instead of stealing perfect, Cobb and his team have to do the exact opposite: their aim is not to steal but to implant an idea. If successful, it could be the perfect crime. But no one can warn them of an enemy pawn and who seems to know their every move, an enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.

Green N8, complete image gallery

They come new images and some brief impressions of the Nokia N8 from the website Engadget. The version tested is the green one, a very unique color that makes the phone definitely unique and unmistakable. The following images and impressions:

The anodized aluminum shell construction gives the phone an excellent and extremely light, so one wonders if the battery is already present or not. In his pocket is extremely natural and comfortable, thanks perhaps to the particular curve at the sides. The attention to detail and design of the outer primary aspects were certainly in a constructive search for the new Nokia N8.

The Home button on the front seems a bit ‘low pressure but it is too early to make conclusions.

This is a short extract of the first impressions. Following the gallery pictures and videos, and more surely soon

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GDesk, iPhone theme for Symbian 5th Edition

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GDesk, iPhone theme for Symbian 5th Edition

Increase the collection of GDesk Themes: Today we announce a theme based on the interface of the iPhone. We can say that the theme is very basic, as happens on the phone to Apple (at least up to firmware 3), but very fast in its use.

Crazy Goblins: World War II, arriving in a beautiful third-person Shooter Game

TouchArcade shows the first images of what will be a new third-person shooter game., Diasponibile soon in the App Store. The game is called Crazy Goblins: World War II. The developers who are creating have indicated that the work is still being improved and that soon it will offer its first video-game.

Even in terms of graphics the game looks well built, although the certainty is given by the video that will follow in the coming days. The game should still be available for next month.

We will keep you informed on this new titoloo, showing the possible future Screenshots and videos will be released. For now, no information on the weapons, missions and purpose of the game. We look forward to.

Poll: Improve Android updates? And if they were paid?

It is useless to deny it, revealing a certain discontent common regardless of whether it is Samsung, HTC, Acer, Sony Ericsson and other manufacturers, with respect to the Android software updates.

On the one hand there are the manufacturers: to develop a product, create the hardware, optimized the Android software, and especially change the interface specific UI is definitely a job for a week. The times are much longer than one interface is more complex and diverse. Continuously updates released by Google certainly does not help to keep up and also all the manufacturers need to think about different phones and not to a single device at the same time.

There are other users: who spends 400/500 € for a phone you expect, with good reason, to receive a long-lasting support, a series of updates that improve the software features and a clear transparent and sincere on the part communications company. In addition, the customer expects to receive updates for distribution terminals that are not too old and can accommodate a “major update” with the hardware Inventory report. The customer expects spending 400/500 € a life cycle of the phone at least 18/24 months.

This unfortunately seems to happen and the reasons are many and as always linked to the economic factor.

But how could we find a meeting point between the interests of the houses and those of users?

Copy the way Apple could be a very clever solution by releasing the “major update” for a fee. This would mean that, if a phone comes out with Android 2.1, and is updated while keeping the same version, the update will be released without charge. If, however, after months, is updated to a higher version, say Android 2.2, this can be paid aggironameto (5 / 10 € for example).

In practice, if we take a Hero released in late September with Cupcake 1.5, this nine months after receiving the update 2.1. This update may be issued to pay, perhaps to 9 €. With this system, the houses could recover the money “spent on” development and might be encouraged to release the first update.

By applying this methodology in a larger scale, an update released Android 2.2 to a Hero maybe in November or December at an extra charge, increase the life of the phone and do not abandon to its fate after a few months.

An optical simplistic and does not take into account other factors, and perhaps more specific regulation, but, assuming remaining generalist.

Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 focused on the iPhone OS

In a little less than a month will see Apple’s most anticipated event: the presentation of new-generation iPhone. Together, the iPhone will be released the final version of the new firmware 4.0. During the WWDC, Apple will be rewarded by the best applications for iPhone and Mac, but this year’s Design Awards, or the award of the Application, will be exclusively dedicated to the iPhone OS, leaving the Mac

Many developers who create their own app for the Mac have felt saddened by this decision, to the point that Gansrigler Matthias, Flickery maker, has decided to send an email to Steve Jobs to know the reasons for this choice.

In the email, Matthias wonders why Apple has put aside the Design Awards for Mac developers and if there are hopes for the future.

Steve’s answer, strangely than usual argued:

We are focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on iPhone OS this year. Maybe next year we will focus mainly on Mac Just as is the normal cycle of things. No hidden meaning in everything.

Coming straight to the point, Steve admits that this year the work dedicated to the iPhone OS are really the most important. With the launch of the iPad and the imminent launch of the new iPhone, even within the resources of Cupertino are working on mainly two mobile devices.

So expect great things from this new OS for the time being only the third beta.

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Next-gen Intel CPUs to improve mobile performance

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Next-gen Intel CPUs to improve mobile performance

Next-gen Intel CPUs to improve mobile performance

Coats revealed details of the successor to the current generation of Intel processors in Sandy Bridge Developer Forum in San Francisco this week. It is the second quarter of 2012, Ivy Bridge, a cube is reduced to 22 nm “tick” Sandy Bridge “toick” will be. Ivy Bridge will benefit from Intel’s Transistor Technology 3D tri-gate, which offers as well as improving energy efficiency by 37 percent of what seems seriously improved integrated graphics. After this year, 2013 22 nm architecture Haswell, the battery, the “everyday” life of the laptop with promises to “connected the expectation.” To 10 days of what Intel calls.

Sandy Bridge, which offer significant performance gains over the last generation of Intel in the same power envelope. In addition, the integrated Intel GPU delivers the same day of the CPU that combines the two with a shared L3 cache. While Intel has a rather poor reputation with its integrated graphics, had included the HD3000 IGP Intel architectural enhancements including the most mobile chips Sandy Bridge at the height of the low-end, same GPU. The performance was enough to let Apple NVIDIA GPU in a acer aspire 5100 battery and other low-end machines.

“I hope this gap, from everything I’ve seen is closing fast,” director of Intel graphics architecture Tom Piazza said an Ivy Bridge Confab Tuesday at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), to see if you are asked whether it was Intel, the performance gap with its competitors in the vicinity – probably AMD.

“I do not see why not everyone in the vicinity,” he said confidently, “and maybe he will ask the other guys in a year or two.”

Improved graphics performance is not the only improvement on the current architecture of Intel in the Ivy Bridge “Sandy Bridge” chip. Another innovation, Ivy Bridge interconnect and integration engineer, George Varghese said in the same session, invite, including support for DDR3L small memory footprint, dynamic (no reboot) to take control of overclocking the core and graphics, improved energy management, improving to protect against security attacks escalating privilege, and much more.

The fujitsu t4010 battery energy savings really care about us to mobile computing, including devices such as laptops and “ultra-books”. For example, Intel Ivy Bridge is part of the quad-core Core i7 with a TDP of 35W. As of Mac, which means that Apple could a 13 “MacBook Pro, 35W processor that is used in a quad-core processors is limited. Provide configurable processors have a TDP, which means that parts can be configured, it means , noted progress means max it out in a more or less depending on the parameters of some TDP. A MacBook Air is designed for a TDP of 17W. An Ivy Bridge 13W TDP processor ULV can be limited while the battery is sitting (and thus probably on someone’s lap).

Of course, Intel is expected to Haswell fujitsu t4215 battery initiative, the thin and light laptop with a snapshot of the required capacity and the ability to run an entire day on one battery charge. In this way, Intel is Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Air was the future of being the vision of many who originally thought.

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BlackBerry Storm 2, many initiatives and awards for the new Touch Rim

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BlackBerry Storm 2, many initiatives and awards for the new Touch Rim

BlackBerry at the launch of the new Storm 2 has created a nice promotional campaign that will reach the main Italian cities. Well 7 will be the activities of street marketing branded BlackBerry and TIM. It will be fun and a huge box that launches BlackBerry messages in the sky, at 20,000 and still branded soap bubbles, a daily update on all the news of the product, 100,000 cards (Zcard), a new website and finally, a contest prize and the creation of the “Over The Top” on Facebook.

After Bologna and Padua today (March 11), then Naples (March 18), Palermo (19 March), Genoa (24 March), Turin (March 25), Milan (March 29) and Rome (March 31), host BlackBerry Box for one day, with special machines that a particular mechanism will form in heaven, and will throw the words “Tim” and the shape of the BlackBerry (R) Storm2. Three attractive sides of the totem will show all the new technology and multimedia features of the BlackBerry (R) Storm2 (TM), while the fourth side of the totem pole there will be all the information about the new offer TIMxSMARTPHONE that with only € 2.00 a week makes to navigate, to send mail and meet friends on social networks.

During the day, 4 hostesses will run into the streets to passers-by showing the BlackBerry (R) Storm2 (TM) and honored with a branded box of soap bubbles. In addition, you will be given a copy of the newspaper “INCREDIBLE NEWS.” A fun edition that will generate interest and give you all the information about the product and its innovative performance, not to mention the new TIMxSMARTPHONE exclusive price, the steps to access the site, to participate in the competition and become part of the Facebook community.

But not only. The hostesses also distribute special Zcard, to discover the new augmented reality and show a creative and spectacular features of the new BlackBerry (R) Storm2 (TM). If you are not in possession of Zcard you can print the icon from the site and make a virtual journey into the product.

In addition, those who purchase the new BlackBerry (R) Storm2 will have the opportunity to participate in the great contest “Win a trip to the day” in a European capital. The trip will consist of a voucher worth € 500.00 to spend on the portal

Anyone who wants further groped luck can do so by subscribing to the group “Over the Top” on Facebook. At the final draw prize winner will have as the famous machine for 4 hours inflammation: can locate where they want and throw the message in the sky winner.

So many initiatives for new entry in the consumer world by BB Rim and its services.

NOVA Gameloft available in Lite version (Video)

The FPS game from Gameloft, NOVA, is now also available in Lite version. Being a free verson you can only play the first levels of the game. We can still see the great graphics and good gameplay that even the most hectic of the game behaves in an optimal manner.

Here is a video showing the game in action.

Nokia wins the award for R & D

The last Nordic / UK Business Awards, Nokia has won the award for Research & Development. Nokia develops, in fact, its nanotecnlogia at its research center in Cambridge.

Finland has always been the home is committed to the development of new concepts and new technologies for their device. In addition to research in the field of hi-tech, Nokia remains a particular concern regarding the environmental impact of its products. The future and the increasing miniaturization definitely associated with nanotechnology will lead to new frontiers and new terminals that are just concepts for now (photo).

An award is therefore important that projects to a future Nokia increasingly open and open source.

Android 2.1 to 150 €, with Vodafone 845 can be

Android seems to be a new arrival with the primavara. The terminal is the Vodafone 845, anonymous enough name for a phone that could have a significant following. It is actually an entry-level Google, Vodafone branded and services including 360 (single operator) with very interesting features:

* Android Eclair 2.1
* Services Vodafone 360
* 3G and HSDPA
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* Bluetooth 2.1
* Wi-Fi
* 2.8-inch screen with 240 × 320 pixel technology resolution
* 512mb of internal memory
* Battery 1200 mAh
* Micro SD Expansion

Very interesting features especially when you consider the retail price: 150 €. Currently there are no high-resolution images, but the size will be very similar to the HTC Tattoo. Not defined the amount of RAM even though the presence of Eclair 2.1 since its release bodes well in 256MB. Due out in May.

Steve Jobs, 136esimo place as the world’s richest person

The site has compiled the new Forbes list of richest men in the world. The world number one is the Mexican Carlos Slim Helu, which undermines even the position of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

The “our” Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, came to 136esimo place in the standings. We believe that in 2010, thanks to the success that will most certainly the new Apple products (especially iPad and iPhone 4G), Steve earnings increase enough to enter the top 100 richest people in the world … that if no steps bad anyway …

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