What is HDMI Cable?

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What is HDMI Cable?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a audio video specification for transferring multimedia data, which combines video and audio into one digital interface for audiovisual equipment,such as HDTV, home theatre system and DVD, and set top box for CATV, for HDTV, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray Player or Home Theatre system.


The structure of HDMI cable:

The HDMI cable has 19 pin out. 19 wires wrapped in a single cable, it has a bandwidth capacity of 5G bps per second.

HDMI interface supports standard video formats, enhanced video and HD video. It is an interface which supports transferring video and audios simultaneously. You don’t have to transfer data from D/A or A/D.

HDMI can carry HDCP, High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection to prevent the copyright of the video content from unauthorized copying.

What are founders of HDMI?

HDMI Group invented the interface, including Sony, Hitachi, Silicon Image, Philips, and Toshiba. Digital Content Protection, LLC provides HDCP (which was developed by Intel) for HDMI.

What are Famous HDMI brands?

It is also backward compatible with DVI (Digital Video Interface). There are a variety of styles of HDMI and well-known brands such as Blue Rigger, Monster, PTC, Dynex, and Cables Unlimited.

Where are HDMI used?

HDMI is widely used in consumer electronics products, including electronics for entertainment. Every TV now in the market has at least one HDMI port. Many game consoles also use HDMI cables. You needn’t worry about running out of cable. Buying HDMI is convenient and easy online or at supermarket. HDMI isn’t just for connecting television and stereos. You’ll find HDMI cable for other electronics such as the adapter cable for the iPad and cabling for connecting the Xbox to an HDMI-capable television.

If you want to play blu-ray on your dvd or connect your laptop to your home theatre system, HDMI or HDMI adapter are essential. Many of HDMI products support Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return and HDMI cable is perfect for smart TVs.


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How Do I Connect My Laptop to My TV with Wired Connection

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We usually buy or rent some TVs or movies online and watch on our laptop. The laptop screen is not really big enough. Further more if you have a HDTV, and maybe your home theatre system, Why not enjoy your movies on the large cinema-like TV screen? In most cases, your laptop won’t have an HDMI output, so you’ll have to get a converter to go from the 15 pin DVI cable to HDMI. Plug the HDMI cable directly into your TV, and the DVI converter into your laptop-monitor output.What do you need to prepare for connecting your laptop to a TV?

How Do I Connect My Laptop to My TV with Wired Connection

To resolve this question, all you need is your right ports , cables or other accessories, if there are any. Generally, TV and laptop don’t share the same standard. So checking both your TV and your laptop port. HDTVs offer multiple connections, with HDMI and DVI being the most common and highest quality options for connecting a laptop to an HDTV. And most standard-definition TVs support an S-Video connection, which delivers a less sharp picture.

There are the following resolutions for you to choose.


Case one. if your laptop has a HDMI cable and your HDTV is ready, it is easy. There are two types of HDMI cable, a fat one that you probably already have if you have an HDTV, and a very slim unidirectional cable that requires you plug it in with the correct orientation: “TV” needs to be plugged into the TV on mine, for example. Plug in the HDMI cable on the back of the TV , see the indications and select one to turn on the tv. After a sucessful connection, what you need to do is change the laptop resolution to proper settings. Done. Open your favorite websites, either YouTube or Hulu.com, or neflix.com, pick any content you ‘d like to watch and Enjoy the cinema-like experience.

Case two. You have a TV with HDMI port, but your laptop not. Buy a HDMI cable and do as case one.

There are some other situations. But the aims are consistent. All you need to do is to match your laptop port with TV for video playback. If the ports are not the same standards, do choose proper cable like HDMI or some adapters. DVI cables and VGA wires must be combined to display normal video.

Wish you enjoy your movies on TV pleasantly.

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