How to Protect Your Laptop Computer

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Nowadays, more and more criminals did evils using Internet and laptop and computers. The laptop’s portability makes it easy to be stolen by thieves. It may be a disaster to lose one’s laptop. There are lots of people storing their personal data , photos or important files in their laptops. Check the following tips about how to protect your laptop computer.

1. Using a Physical bag or lock

We always ignore the physical locks for a computer, because we take it as granted that we have locked the login process by system or software . Keep in mind that no system or passwards are extremly safe. You may not keep an eye on your guest account for example.

2. Install security software

The security software for your laptop is essential. You had better own a pro version for safety. It worth sparing money on security software than crying after your computer data being leaked.

After install your security software, scan your laptop regularly to avoid the potential risk, such as malware, spyware, fish software etc.

3. Back up your data on a regular base

Losing your data is a disaster for every laptop owner. So keep in mind that do your data backup regularly and it is better to store them out of your laptop computer. For instance, your backups can be saved on a CD, DVD disk or other hard disks.

4. Never store your passwards on your computer.

This is a controversy topic. We both need convenience and security. But security is on earth of the most important. Be careful to use any passwards management software and avoid typing your passwards as plain texts in your laptop. Don’t Store Passwords. It doesn’t matter how many obscure punctuation marks your password has if your computer automatically remembers all of your passwords.

5. Protect yourself.

Keep yourself safe is very important.


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Useful Tips to Protect You From Online Fraud

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Online cheat is becoming more and more common nowadays. Because the hacker gets more advanced power, and also we may leak our privacy information through online shopping and Social Media. All risks are existing. And the malware are big threats too. We simply don’t take seriously enough about Online fraud. Because many of us have online transactions on a daily basis for daily life use or business use.

Here we will look at some ways to prevent you being a victim of online cheats or information being leaked. Remember three basic points. Keep safe of your card information, and your phone number and address information.  Keep Safe of your card passwords and set them with difficult models.

Choose a reliable online Shopping site

Before buying action, you should first find a reliable shopping sites. Ensure that the sites is malware free, the cash system is safe and if possible, contact the seller before buy leads. Find reviews and comments about your aim brand and listen to the previoud persons’s opinions. Make sure to check the related reviews about the site or the brand.

Build Strong Passwards.

If one has access to your passwards, everthing related to this account will be unsafe.  You just remember login in your important accounts using your own laptop or not in the public computers. Once you login into it the cookies still exsit there. Set your strong passwards,  the best way to avoid having your password cracked is to use as obscure a password as possible that involves lots of letters and lots of numbers. It’s also worth applying a similar logic to your user name which is something many people don’t realise can be almost as effective.

Use a safe Pay Method – like PayPal

PayPal is a pain for retailers because they take a percentage of the transactions from their end. When it’s offered though, that’s the seller’s problem and not yours – for you it’s great news because it means you don’t have to give any details other than an e-mail address

Separate your accounts

To use a separate banking account for online transactions is a good idea to keep safe. If you want to pay for sth, and then just transfer the anount of money to it. So that you keep your important card safe and do online transaction using another empty card in case of anyone empty your primary card.

Use your Anti-Spyware to scan your PC regularly

Be careful of spyware, and scan the computer regularly to remove suspicious object.


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