Six classic introductory knowledge of notebook computer

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Nowadays, more and more readers to buy a notebook, but not necessarily buy a notebook, people will use the notebook, we found that many users in the new machine hand, will ask some very basic problem, but also a veteran, also not necessarily can answer these ridiculous harmonic non problem. So, we will give you an interpretation of six general knowledge questions.

First, fan will not turn at boot time, fault code or a bug?

No, because of the notebook computer internal temperature control design, the fan in the boot when the switch will soon stop rotation, only when the notebook reaches a certain temperature that will accelerate the rotation.So, if you boot without performming some resource program, you basically can not hear the voice of the fan. Once the high work loads, such as playing high solution rate video, running 3D games, the fan will start high-speed rotation.

Second, the notebook LCD screen surface heating is a quality problem?

Many novice are worried about heating liquid crystal screen high, thinking of choosing an great LCD screen of notebook. In fact, due to the desktop LCD no size limit, large space, good heat dissipation effect, so difficult to feel the heat.While the high-pressure Bag Laptop LCD screen is placed on the top cover, and the main part of high pressure bag is circuit and electric coils, heating of the work in the junior middle school physics textbooks are introduced.

Third, do new notebooks need to charge the battery for 12 hours?

Laptop battery, in the factory testing has been performed a battery activation step. so, when you put the new notebook home,remember not to separate battery charging for 12 hours. The consumption of components belonging to the notebook battery. Pay attention to avoid excessive heat. Reduce the charge and discharge times as possible as you can.

Fourth, why notebook computer is slower than desktop one?

In fact, the main reason is that the hard disk, the current mainstream notebook hard drive speed of 5400 rpm, while the desktop is usually 7200 rpm. The contrast test, the notebook and the integrated machine data display, hard disk is the performance bottleneck of notebook.

Fifth,Can the notebooks be converted to other Windows system?

Absolutely yes. You can install any Windows XP/7/8, or other operation systems.

Six, low temperature will also affect the laptop?

Yes, the the best notebook environment is temperature between 10 ℃ ~40 ℃, but you will find that high-end graphics card installed some games, the internal temperature is common in seventy or eighty degrees, so the normal temperature of notebook is not immediately affected, but long-term use in high temperature environments will accelerate the aging of components.For low temperature, when 0 ℃, lithium-ion battery capacity will be reduced by 20%, -10 ℃ capacity only half the standard capacity. Long-term use of notebook in the MCM division of social and low-temperature environment, LCD screen light appeared dead. That may cause permanent damage. Friends in cold place should pay more attention to it.

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Save My Laptop from the Problem of Black Screen – DIY

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It is a confusing question for me because of the black screen problems of my lenovo laptop, which I have bought two years ago. The laptop of mine turned black screen when I was watching videos frequently. I could still remember the embarassed experience for me two months ago. When I started video chat with my intimate friend, it occurrred four times. And I restart my computer for four times.

Since the black screen problem has strongly ruined my laptop using experience. I decide to resolve the tough problem for me. And I could not bear restarting the computer every time it frozed with sounds and black screen. So I asked some experts of my friends who are good at it.

First, he told me to check if it is the problem of heat dissipation. And after a week, I bought a cpu cooler. It seemed that the laptop had a peaceful time without many problems. But it did not make it. The black screen problem occurred after several weeks. I was baffled and annoyed a lot. How can I cope with the terrible status of using computer?

Second, When I told him it did not work. And I described a lot about the sound that accompanished with the black screen. The sound is aloud and it sounds like buzzing. He guessed that it was probably the memory problem. Because he helpe me from the remote online chat, so he could only estimate the trouble. The memory may be oxidised. And he let me to rub the memory with a cleaning cloth. But I should buy some proper tools to get the memory out.

How do you guess the result? My computer is repaired or not? Sadly, it is still with the black screen problem. My laptop is just after the end of the warranty.

I have no choice but to exam it with some tools. And I decide to resolve the problem of black screen of my lenovo laptop completely. Bettter late than never.


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High-Energy Batteries

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Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles, battery Panasonic laptop Acer employment and consumer electronics giant, to develop the next generation of batteries. The partnership is designed to help improve Tesla reduce the cost of batteries and range of vehicles.
Panasonic announced two high-energy batteries (Battery Aspire One Aspire 3680 Battery Aspire 5050 Battery) for electric vehicles. These new batteries store as much energy as 30 percent more than its previous lithium-ion batteries, and this increased capacity could increase, in theory, an area of ??the vehicle by a similar amount, and therefore one of the main problems addressed in the context of the electric car.
The other major challenge for electric vehicles, the cost of batteries. Tesla is not the announcement of the potential cost savings to come with batteries, but JB Straubel, Tesla Motors Officer Chief Technology Officer, said Aspire 3030 battery Aspire 3050 battery costs have been steadily declining to about 8 percent year.
Tesla plans to incorporate Panasonic cells in the battery, and works with Panasonic cells in refined for use in cars develop, Straubel said. To do this, Tesla is based on data from the 1000 cars it so far, have been moved to over a million miles pulling collected. Tesla currently obtains its batteries from a variety of manufacturers.
This procedure Tesla cars are not immediately additional area of ??new battery cells of high energy, Straubel said, there is a long process of validating the effectiveness of new cells. In addition, the actual range will vary up. (For example, electronic controls keep the battery fully discharged from, to help improve the safety and reliability of full discharges can damage some materials aspire 5550 battery Aspire 5560 battery. Controls how the battery depends its chemical composition and other details of the cell design.)
In theory, silicon electrodes hold much more energy than carbon electrodes, replace Aspire 5570 battery Aspire 5580 battery, but tend to swell and break silicon electrodes. You must be tested to ensure that these problems have been resolved.

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How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard effectively

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Laptop computer is becoming more and more popular in our daily life and work. Notebook keyboard is usually indispensable and it is necessary to have a flexible keyboard for the laptop battery. Though you have lots of institute ones, to clean the keyboard is significant.

Here, I will show you the best tips to clean the keyboard and extend the laptop life.

For this measures, you will need three things, dry cloth or duster, acceptable cleaning fluid, cleaner and a small brush.

1. Shutdown your laptop and remove the plugs, unplug the laptop keyboard.  Should you have a can of compressed air then use it to blow any debris from approximately and underneath the keys, otherwise then use the hose of the vacuum cleaner to remove it. spoil the fluid of cleaner to the cloth, and wipe on the top of the keyboards. Remember not to stain too much cleaner to avoid dirt the gaps between the keyboards. Then rise the laptop and brush the gaps between keys. Shake the keyboard a little to move the little rubbish to the garbage can.

2. use your  compressed vacuum air to blow the hard area. This needs your patience. never plug the plugs before the keyboard cleaned. Just cleaning the laptop keyboards? After all this work you can buy an plastic keyboads layer on the keyboard.  The layer can save your work for cleaning the keyboard effectively. If you endure sacrificing any touch experience.The notebook keyboard cleansing method is simple, is not it? But it is essential, it can prevent numerous funds.

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Heat affects Laptop Battery Life

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Heat is a killer of all batteries and high temperatures cannot always be avoided. This is the case with a battery inside a laptop, a starter battery under the hood of a car and stationary batteries in a tin shelter under the hot sun. As a guideline, each 8°C (15°F) rise in temperature cuts the life of a sealed lead acid battery in half. A VRLA batteryfor stationary applications that would last 10 years at 25°C (77°F) would only live for five years if operated at 33°C (95°F). Once the battery is damaged by heat, the capacity cannot be restored. The life of a battery also depends on the activity and is shortened if the inspiron e1705 battery is stressed with frequent discharge.
According to the 2010 BCI Failure Mode Study, starter batteries have become more heat-resistant over the past 10 years. In the 2000 study, a change of 7°C (12°F) affected battery life by roughly one year; in 2010 the heat tolerance has widened to 12°C (22°F). In 1962, a starter inspiron e1705 battery lasted 34 months, and in 2000 the life expectancy had increased to 41 months. In 2010, BCI reports an average age of 55 months of use. The cooler North attains 59 months and the warmer South 47 months.
Cranking the engine poses minimal stress on a starter battery. This changes in a start-stop function of a micro hybrid. The micro hybrid turns the IC engine off at a red traffic light and restarts it when the traffic flows. This results in about 2,000 micro cycles per year. Data obtained from car manufacturers show a capacity drop to about 60 percent after two years of use in this configuration. To solve the problem, automakers are using specialty AGM and other variations that are more robust than the regular lead acid. Read more about Alternate Battery Systems. Figure 5 shows the drop in capacity after 700 micro cycles. The simulated start-stop test was performed in Cadex laboratories. CCA remains high.
Test method: The test inspiron e1705 battery was fully charged and then discharged to 70 percent to resemble the SoC of a micro hybrid in real life. The battery was then discharged at 25A for 40 seconds to simulate engine off condition at stoplight with the headlight on, before cranking the engine at 400A and recharging. The CCA readings were taken with the Spectro CA-12.
The cell voltages on a battery string must be similar, and this is especially important for higher-voltage VRLA batteries. With time, individual cells fall out of line, and applying an equalizing charge every six months or so should theoretically bring the cells back to similar voltage levels. While equalizing will boost the needy cells, the healthy cell get stressed if the equalizing charge is applied carelessly. What makes this service so difficult is the inability to accurately measure the condition of each cell and provide the right dose of remedy. Gel and AGM batteries have lower overcharge acceptance than the flooded version and different equalizing conditions apply. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Water permeation, or loss of electrolyte, is a concern with sealed lead acid batteries, and overcharging contributes to this condition. While flooded systems accept water, a fill-up is not possible with VRLA. Adding water has been tried, but this does not offer a reliable fix. Experimenting with watering turns the VRLA into unreliable xps m1330 battery that needs high maintenance.
Flooded lead acid batteries are one of the most reliable systems. With good maintenance these batteries last up to 20 years. The disadvantages are the need for watering and providing good ventilation. When VRLA was introduced in the 1980s, manufacturers claimed similar life expectancy to flooded systems, and the telecom industry switched to these maintenance-free batteries,latitude d830 Battery ,inspiron 510m battery. By mid 1990 it became apparent that the life for VRLA did not replicate that of a flooded type; the useful service life was limited to only 5–10 years. It was furthermore noticed that exposing the batteries to temperatures above 40°C (104°F) could cause a thermal runaway condition due to dry-out.
A new lead acid battery should have an open circuit voltage of 2.125V/cell. At this time, the battery is fully charged. During buyer acceptance, the lead acid may drop to between 2.120V and 2.125V/cell. Shipping, dealer storage and installation will decrease the voltage further but the latitude d830 Battery ,inspiron 510m battery should never go much below 2.10V/cell. This would cause sulfation. Battery type, applying a charge or discharge within 24 hours before taking a voltage measurement, as well as temperature will affect the voltage reading. A lower temperature raises the OCV; warm ambient lowers it.

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How To Know If You Steal WiFi With Your Laptop Battery?

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How To Know If You Steal WiFi With Your Laptop Battery?

Internet Wireless networks are an increasingly common reality in all cities, probably a year ago when we placed our crawler networks using the notebook or smartphone we found 10% of what we see today, WiFi wireless networks are becoming ever more present in different businesses, homes, businesses, banks. So many new routers of companies that sell them have incredible reach and more powerful every day.

So unless you put a good password with several different protections it is available to “outsiders” who weaken our signal to use Internet browsing and can be seriously affected, as well as having a potential gateway for “criminals virtual.” So today we show you how to tell if someone outside of our home or business we are “stealing” our WiFi network and therefore internet.

Luckily for all there are some techniques that allow us to identify the possible “thief” as it is possible to disconnect and prevent this in the future violate our connection. A simple method is to observe the lights on the router, for this disconnect all computers and WiFi devices we have in our home and observe the behavior of the dell vostro 2510 battery. If the lights are still flashing probably have someone using our network.

This method while not as efficient as if our neighbor is using little band are not going to receive such oscillation of the LED. Another slightly more complex technique is to access the router control panel and check which are the connected computers. The control panel is very simple go to “My network”, “Device List” or something similar and we will find a list of DHCP clients. Here are the listings on the network, if we have two computer in our house and we see four on the list no doubt they are stealing our internet.

If we are being robbed no doubt we must do something, the first step and very simple to protect your network with a password “strong.” This is important not to use simple passwords, easy to identify as birthdays, phone numbers, etc. We should always use special characters and a mixture of numbers and letters. Another great alternative is to use a dell latitude e5420 battery with the router.

In this case we have to know the addresses of all devices you wish to connect to our network. Electronic devices generally come with a WiFi network MAC address on a label on the device itself or in the manual. Moreover we have several programs online that give us true walls against people who want to connect to our network, perform these steps if we will undoubtedly feel a great shortage of Internet flow when downloading programs, music or films but also at great risk of being infected with viruses or steal our information.

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Ultrathin vs Ultrabooks

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Ultrathin vs Ultrabooks

A couple of years all started with the launch of smartphones already did all that a computer had but undoubtedly the missing screen made them far to the notebooks, then came the Apple tablet and there appeared on the scene again the great question whether the iPad can replace a notebook computer. Then came with screens smaller than 13 or 11 inch netbooks and so-called contra-power missing ultrabooks arrived.

AMD now offers an alternative to ultrabooks which can cost up to 20% less. The ongoing 2012 CES innovations allowing for all the technology sector and in this case in the field of laptops. Thus the Las Vegas event reinforced the tendency for the market ultrabooks computers and Intel and the term responsible for placing on the field and stimulate the production of these models emerged greatly strengthened in 2011.

AMD’s response meanwhile has arrived, the company’s proposal is basically the same with the curious exception of the name, so instead of AMD ultrabooks suggests the production of ultrathin product, or Ultrafine notebook. Who broke the story was a specialized site, outside of the rumors in this sense because there were some data that were aired during the end of 2011. AMD’s intention is that their products are on the market since July .

To achieve this come into play at lower costs that AMD is able to generate in their lines. In this way the AMD ultrathin should cost up to 20% less in some cases. The big question about the news is on the ability of a product’s performance therefore cheaper in a generation of processors that appears to be under the control of Intel. It is believed that with Trinity APUs AMD manages to be more competitive in the laptop market as it currently is in the lines of conventional desktops.

In any case regardless of the effect of ultrafine compared to ultrabooks is true that the arrival of AMD in this market prices tend to jump down. Sources estimate that the company will be able to launch twenty models ultraportable different this year compared to 75 expected to run under Intel processors.

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Toshiba Qosmio F750

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 Toshiba Qosmio F750

Toshiba’s all-conquering Qosmio range was the first to bring us glasses-free 3D, and we were so impressed with the X770 that we awarded it 4.5 stars. The Qosmio F750 continues the tradition, albeit with a couple of drawbacks.

The sub-standard keyboard and paltry battery life might put some off, but anyone looking for a movie powerhouse won’t fail to be impressed.

The bright red outer design is eye-catching and complemented by the glossy all-black look under the lid. White LEDs around the touchpad, power button and hotkeys also add a bit of visual flair.

Unsurprisingly though, it’s neither light nor svelte. Measuring in at 386 x 265 x 39mm with a weight of 3.2kg the Qosmio is more of a desk-based PC replacement than a portable gaming machine.

Once you fire up the laptop though, the lack of portability gets lost in a storm of power provided by the Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU and Nvidia GeForce GT540M dedicated graphics chip.

Interacting with the Qosmio is made all the better by the fantastic screen Toshiba has incorporated. Capable of full 1080p high-definition visuals, the screen is bright, crisp and coated with the reflective Super-TFT coating that adds a degree of richness to the colours in pictures and movies.

The standout feature is, of course, the glasses-free 3D effect. By using the webcam to track your eyes, you can move your heads freely while retaining the 3D image unlike, for example, Nintendo’s 3DS game system which requires you to keep your head in one position for the 3D effect.

While 3D will appeal to some, others might not be converted yet – and to be fair, the effect isn’t as impressive when compared with the standard Active Shutter 3D system. But considering the price of the glasses, and the prospect of losing them, we’re more than happy with this alternative.

TechRadar Labs

TechRadar labs

Battery Eater ’05: 76 minutes
Cinebench: 16875
3DMark 2006: 8173

Average usability

While the screen and sheer power is fantastic, some of the usability suffers. The keyboard is a standard, flat affair and although the keys are nicely sized, there’s some definite flex around the centre and we doubt it could cut it as a serious gaming keyboard.

Things are better when it comes to the touchpad; it’s responsive and has a non-glossy surface that is comfortable to use. The only drawback is it’s a little on the small side. For serious gaming, you’re going to want to invest in a USB mouse.

Where the Qosmio really falls down is on battery life. Given the specifications we didn’t expect much in terms of longevity but the Qosmio F750 gave out after only 74 minutes. It’s a problem, but not a deal-breaker. The F750 isn’t trying to be an ultraportable and to buy it thinking so is a mistake. In fact, its big brother the Qosmio X770-107 couldn’t even manage an hour and gave out after 44 minutes.

We can’t help but like the Qosmio a lot and its decisive pros and cons list should make it an easy decision. If you want hardcore visuals and processing power, we’d recommend it – although we’d advise you to also invest in a decent USB mouse and keyboard.

If you’re less fussed about power over battery, and don’t like 3D, then save your £1,300 for a different machine.

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HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea

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 HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea

It’s not often that a laptop will get everything right when it comes to media playing. It might have a fantastic screen, for example, but the speakers could be inadequate, especially if you want to get the most out of Blu-ray’s DTS HD and Dolby HD goodness.

The HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea is different, however, and ticks all the boxes that are required of making a fantastic media playing laptop. But before you get to appreciate its media playing chops you need to go through a tedious setup procedure when you first turn it on.

Setting up Windows 7 Home Premium with a username, time zone and connecting it to a wireless network – plus setting when to automatically update Windows – is a necessary step, but after all that it was frustrating – to put it mildly – to be faced with another set of installation steps – this time for HP’s own Total Care service. All it does is end up delaying you from what you really want to do – which is to get started with your brand new laptop.

Another thing that annoyed us was that if you don’t want updates from HP Support Assistant, or for your laptop to be tuned up automatically, you can’t just select ‘No’ but have to choose ‘No, remind me later’. Even if you’re not interested in the service, you’re going to be nagged about it in the future. In the grand scheme of things this is a small irritant: once you’ve finished the setup process you won’t have to worry about it again, apart from the odd reminder.

Media mogul

HP dv7

Finally, we can enthuse about the dv7-6b51ea’s media prowess. For a start the 17.3 inch LED screen looks amazing, with a not inconsiderable 1600 x 900 maximum resolution. As you’d expect from an LED screen, colours and contrasts are brilliantly reproduced and high definition media looks great – just as well considering the HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea features a Blu-ray drive.

All good so far, but what about the Achilles’ heel of so many laptops – the speakers? Once again the dv7-6b51ea triumphs thanks to HP’s partnership with Beats Audio, resulting in some excellent compact speakers that sound amazing. Little details in our test Blu-ray’s soundtrack were picked up and reproduced perfectly. There is even a built-in subwoofer on the base of the laptop that gives low frequency sounds a real depth and impact.

Another nice feature when it comes to media is the 1TB hard drive which offers loads of space for holding photos and MP3s and high definition movies – saving you from having to carry around CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and having to use the optical disc drive, which can save precious minutes on the battery life.

While the AMD Radeon HD 6490 graphics card is no slouch, it’s not quite powerful enough for the latest games, but for the odd less-demanding game it’ll cope pretty well. Also the 8GB of RAM supplied is huge and means almost all tasks will open and run smoothly, whilst multitasking won’t be a problem at all.

Whilst running a Blu-ray movie we had Skype running and Internet Explorer open on a number of websites, and the HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea didn’t miss a beat.

So where else does the HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea excel? Well, at the risk of appearing shallow it is a stunner in the looks department. From the brushed aluminium outer shell, to the soft, understated light that glows around the mouse pad, this is a laptop that you would be keen to whip out and show off.

At 3.45kg it’s not very portable, and it’s nowhere near as thin or light as the latest Ultrabooks.

TechRadar Labs

tech labs

Battery Eater ’05: 195 minutes
Cinebench: 5259
3DMark 2006: 5715

Just the type

The keyboard is large enough to type on comfortably and the aforementioned gorgeously-lit mouse pad is large, responsive and supports multi-touch gestures. There is a fingerprint reader for extra security to boot.

Next to the power button is the ‘web’ button. When we first saw this we excitedly thought it could be for booting into a light Linux operating system designed solely for browsing the web – as found on a lot of Sony VAIO laptops. However, all it does is open up the default web browser when in Windows 7. It’s a feature that manages to be handy and a little bit useless all at once.

Also, at first glance it appeared that the HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea didn’t have any USB 3.0 ports, with the familiar blue colour code missing from all of the USB ports. This couldn’t be right, not in 2012 with a laptop just shy of £1000. We checked the specs, and indeed there are USB 3.0 ports.

On closer inspection the two USB 3.0 ports were on the left of the laptop’s case. Not highlighted by blue, but with a subtle ‘SS’ next to the USB icons. Again not a big problem, but it makes it a little harder to find the USB 3.0 ports in a hurry.

Also as a laptop positioning itself as an ultimate entertainment laptop, there is no 3D support. If you’re not too into 3D then this won’t be a problem, and the lack of 3D helps keep the price south of £1000, but if you want a laptop that can handle the latest media, while future-proofed, then the absence 3D out of the box could be a blow.

However, the AMD Radeon HD 6490 graphics card does support AMD HD3D, so if you plugged it into a 3D monitor or TV you might be able to get 3D working.

A battery life of just over three hours is good for such a power-hungry machine, but not astounding.

Overall, the HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea is a fantastic laptop for media and entertainment, if a little on the expensive side.

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Packard Bell EasyNote TS11

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 Packard Bell EasyNote TS11

ThePackard Bell EasyNote range might not be as front-and-centre as Dell’s Inspiron or HP’s Pavilion brands, but nevertheless has established itself in our minds as a home for mid-level laptops at budget-level prices.

And we’re happy to report that the EasyNote TS11-HR-695UK is a similarly reliable slice of mid-level computing goodness.

It shares the same floral pattern as other Packard Bell EasyNote laptops. There are also a range of colours to choose from, but the pattern is harder to pick out on the black model than the red or white versions. The pattern continues on the palm rest inside the laptop, although the keyboard and rest of the chassis is matte black.

The keyboard itself is a full-length affair with an additional numerical keypad and a couple of extra hotkeys thrown in. The chicklet keys are great for typing on and the overall experience is excellent. There are no issues with odd-sized buttons as common keys like Enter, Backspace and Shift are all well-proportioned and where you would expect to find them.

The touchpad has the same glossy coating as the lid and palmrest and is a little on the sensitive side, although you can adjust this in Windows. It’s not the largest around but the single click button works well.

Impressive performance

Unlike the bigger TS13 models, the EasyNote TS11 sports a smaller, Intel Core i3 CPU which works to keep the cost down. However, in terms of performance, we were impressed at the 8159 score this machine posted following our benchmarking tests. Even though it’s the budget choice, this dual-core chip will give you a smooth experience when multitasking.

Thanks to a capacious 6GB of RAM we had no problems quickly working around several documents, even with multiple web pages open and music streaming.

TechRadar Labs

tech labs

Battery Eater ’05: 249 minutes
Cinebench: 8159
3DMark 2006: 4346

Graphics are handled by the integrated graphics chip bundled onto the Sandy Bridge CPU and provides a reliable, if basic, experience. You can safely manage older games and a spot of photo editing but beware of anything more demanding.

Connectivity is similar to other laptops at this price point. There are three USB ports for peripherals and HDMI and VGA connections for external displays. You can use the 802.11n Wi-Fi connection or the Ethernet wired port for connecting to the internet and there’s a Kensington security slot for locking the EasyNote TS11 securely.

There’s no doubt that the EasyNote TS11 is a friendly machine. From its decorative pattern, to the social networking hotkey, this seems like a safe choice for a mid-level laptop. Beyond that, though, there’s some serious performance underneath. For this price point we reckon the Packard Bell EasyNote TS11 stands as a secure and reliable purchase.

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