New MacBooks Sporting 6Gb/s Samsung 830 Series SSD Controllers

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In case some of you are fans of the Samsung 830 Series SSDs (like I am), you’ll be pleased to see this litle tidbit over at iFixit:

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Now that just says Samsung on the parts, and Samsung makes more than an 830 Series, but all of their other series are 3Gb/sec SATA and below. For further confirmation, here’s a quick clip from my review of the 830 Series:

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(particular interest on the controller part numbers – in that they are identical)

I see this as great news for the new MacBooks. The more devices those 830 Series SSDs get put into, the better.

Source: iFixit MacBook Pro Retina Teardown Comments Post a comment June 13, 2012 | 11:37 PM – Posted by biblicabeebli

Hooraaay good solid state storage!
Boooo othewise-completely-impossible-to-upgrade everything else!

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Trimming the price but not the quality from their KNS series of headsets

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If you are looking for a decent pair of circumaural headphones that simply offer great performance and do not delve into simulating 5.1 or 7.1 sound and have a budget of around $100 then check out KRK Systems’ KNS 6400.? One of the best features of both this headset and its more expensive brother are the cords, which are not integral but can be replaced if they become damaged or if KRK?Systems follows TechPowerUp’s suggestion of selling custom cables for those with specific needs.? The audio quality is not top notch when compared to more expensive headphones but for $100 KRK?Systems seems to have done very well.

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“KRK Systems is well on their way to becoming a big name in the headphone business. Today we will be taking a look at yet another interesting set of closed back headphones, namely the KNS 6400s which feature the same mechanical design as the KNS 8400.”

Here is some more Tech News from around the web:

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Lenovo 3000 N100 – Powerful And Easy-Home System

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Lenovo 3000 N100 – Powerful And Easy-Home System

Over a year ago thundered the news that IBM personal systems division sold to Chinese company Lenovo. And this winter the new owner has announced the first models of notebooks under its own brand, built “using the technology IBM”. In great detail the issue covered in the report on the announcement, here. It’s time to see what kind of laptop computers, and what they should use.

By the way, once again want to point out the “work” the Russian representative office of a large company – Lenovo inherited from IBM wonderful position consists in the fact that journalists should run for representation, and not vice versa. So the laptop once again had to take the distributor – a company that does not seem to be engaged in communication with the press.

As you may remember or have read at the February presentation was presented live model C100, the cheapest in the new line of Lenovo. Despite the good equipment, on closer inspection the model produced a painful impression of quality plastic and the body, as well as having several characteristics supercheap laptop, to suppose that the construction of specially worsened. Somewhat later, were presented and the model with higher positioning and, in particular, a multimedia series N100.

If you try to select any address details change from on Lenovo website is made in blue tones, similar to the site IBM. In testing, I have repeatedly faced with the “legacy IBM”, and in places where it would seem, they can be easily corrected. The site is sufficiently “severe.” Choose a laptop is difficult – almost all of the descriptions and specifications nerusifitsirovanny, plus at IBM is rather complicated system, where it is very difficult to deduce just a table with the configurations of the various models.

For example, selecting notebook series 3000, we get on this page is already in the domain Next, click “more”, we English-language description of the N100. By clicking “Watch Episode”, Go to the table with a brief description of models and prices in British pounds. IBM and Lenovo have two types of model numbers have tested the laptop it looks like a 0768-5hg, and the second – TY05HXX. On the laptop is written only the first, and on the site – only the second.

As a result, considerably suffer, I found out that the manufacturer directs this model for small business. N-Series, according to the information – reliable and performance notebook, addressed to professionals from small businesses. Stress, notebook-oriented business applications. It is emphasized multimedia, including: “Stereo speakers on either side of the keyboard, creating a more powerful and rich sound and increase the area of ​​audibility.”

Laptops theoretically sold in the same place and laptops thinkpad, repaired in the same service networks. The warranty period is 1 year.

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Sony VAIO VPCEH2F1E E Series

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 Sony VAIO VPCEH2F1E E Series

We approach budget laptops from Sony with caution. The Japanese giant may have produced some of the most desirable high-end machines out there, but its budget offerings have always been a mixed bag. Thankfully, using the Sony VAIO VPCEH2F1E is a reassuring experience.

The keyboard and screen are both fantastic, and although the power tucked inside isn’t mind-blowing, it’s certainly enough for the vast majority of us.

When it comes to appearance, the E Series is the ugly duckling of the VAIO family. It goes for the traditional all-black look (or white, pink or blue), but tries to mix it up with a textured triangle design that overlays the plastic. Questionable design aside, the chassis does feel remarkably firm and we couldn’t find any flex around the usual weak spots, such as above the DVD drive or around the screen hinges.

The E Series models aren’t exactly light at 2.4kg, but you’ll easily be able to put this laptop in a backpack and carry it around for a day.

The highlight of the E Series is definitely the firm, isolation-style keyboard. Even though this is a budget machine, Sony has installed highly usable keyboard that is a typist’s dream. There’s a great deal of space between the keys, as well as a dedicated numeric keypad and the three Assist, Web and VAIO hotkeys that Sony puts on all its models.

Typing is particularly easy: the keys have a solid weight to them, and the added space means there’s no chance of a miss-hit. If we had to gripe, we’d say that the slightly raised keys could fall victim to dust, crumbs and other debris spilt over the chassis and that the touchpad is too small.

Sony vaio e series

This laptop’s screen is also worth touching on. It’s reasonably bright, and pictures came out clear and detailed – if a little whiter than others with darker displays. What we did like is that the screen runs almost to the edge of the lid, giving you the impression you’re looking at a screen larger than 15.6 inches.

Average power

It has to be said that you won’t be loading up the latest games, mixing high-definition video or doing a lot of visual programming on the VPCEH2F1E. However, the Core i3 processor is still a second-generation model and, as such, will allow you to multitask with different programs and easily handle less-intensive tasks, like audio mixing or basic programming.

TechRadar Labs

tech labs

Battery Eater ’05: 173 minutes
Cinebench: 7833
3DMark 2006: 3504

The keyboard will find favour with writers and the screen and speakers make watching movies a pleasant experience.

If, after a year or so you decide to boost this E Series model with an extra monitor, or a better keyboard or more storage, you can do so thanks to the number of connections available. Connectivity includes four USB ports, HDMI, VGA and Ethernet connections, as well as an SD Card slot and a Pro Duo slot.

Additionally, Sony has built-in 802.11n wireless and Bluetooth. While using the VPCEH2F1E heavily, we noted that it stayed both cool and quiet and that the battery gave us an average 173 minute life.

It’s not hard to recommend the VPCEH2F1E as a good deal. It gets so many of the fundamentals right without feeling the need to shunt in excess power which adversely affects both battery life and price.

It’s good to see a Sony VAIO laptop that the average person can afford and we have to say that, even if it’s not especially pretty, the this E Series laptop certainly gets the job done.

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