Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabooks with Large-screen Priced at $699 or More

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Sony started shipping large screen laptops of new Sony Vaio T Series ultrabooks pricing at $699.  They are persuing the thinner and lighter laptops.

The Operating System & Processor

The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks are equipped with the Intel core processors, based on the new Ivy Bridge technology. The The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks have Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Memory & Storage

The Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks support up to 8GB memory and with a hard disc storage of 1TB or 512GB SSD storage.

Screen , Resolution and Weights

The Sony Vaio T series 14 has a 14-inch screen, and with a resolution of 1366-by-768 pixels. Its weight is 1.86 kilograms.

The Sony Vaio T series 15 has a 15-inch screen. And Its weight is 2.35 kilograms.

The Targeted Users

The Vaio T Series 14 and 15 ultrabooks are meant for students and professors, which is said by Sony in a statement.

What are the hightlights?

Large storage and fast boot time. “A unique feature of the laptops is the ability to combine hard drives with low-capacity 24GB solid-state drives, which can be used to store operating systems. SSDs are typically faster than hard drives and can help laptops boot and perform faster.” (said by PCadvisor)

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