6.5.3 for Windows Mobile Omnia 2 closer: New Roma JE1

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6.5.3 for Windows Mobile Omnia 2 closer: New Roma JE1

The Italian official update for the Omnia i8000 2 new Windows Mobile version 6.5.3 seems ever closer. At the moment it is not official yet, but in recent weeks are a number of successive Roma office with the version 6.5.3 of the system.

The last JE1 is an example. At the moment there seems no particular differences smartphone software and the speed is very good from the first test. Find downloads and more info in the Forum.

GDesk, the theme of Symbian Maemo interface is updated

The theme for GDesk, based on the GUI running on Maemo and S60 has received a major update.
Now the issue is much more complete than the previous version and you can download it from.

Apple will solve problems with a Wi-Fi iPad next firmware

A few weeks ago, near the exit iPad Wi-Fi, you talked about some issues related to Wi-Fi on the “multimedia table” of Apple.

Apple recently updated support document, specifying what are the current solutions to the problems of Wi-Fi iPad. In various forums, including the official one from Apple, the problem with the Wi-Fi is in fact at various times been touched.

The solutions listed in the new document are:

* Update the router firmware to the last available
* Use passwords for WPA or WPA2 Wireless Security
* Change the brightness of the screen (?)
* Renew the IP address

Apple Hardware denies a problem nonetheless, adding that in the near future these problems will be fixed with a software update. Expect then a new firmware update soon which could be the iPad 3.2.1.

The problem which we have discussed include the weak signal and lack of access to reta with your password. According to Apple, the problem is still a small slice of iPad users.

Inception, the spectacular final trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan

Expected in U.S. cinemas on 16 July (we will only come September 3) Inception is a science fiction movie – written and directed by Christopher Nolan – the plot that will see as a fascinating protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the best ever in the dangerous art of extraction, ie the theft of valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious in dreams, when the mind is most vulnerable. The rare ability to Cobb has made him an actor in this new world of corporate espionage misleading, but it has also made an international fugitive costing the loss of everything he loved.

But Cobb is offered a chance for redemption: one last job may give him back his life, but only if he can accomplish the impossible – the inception, in fact -. Instead of stealing perfect, Cobb and his team have to do the exact opposite: their aim is not to steal but to implant an idea. If successful, it could be the perfect crime. But no one can warn them of an enemy pawn and who seems to know their every move, an enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.

Green N8, complete image gallery

They come new images and some brief impressions of the Nokia N8 from the website Engadget. The version tested is the green one, a very unique color that makes the phone definitely unique and unmistakable. The following images and impressions:

The anodized aluminum shell construction gives the phone an excellent and extremely light, so one wonders if the battery is already present or not. In his pocket is extremely natural and comfortable, thanks perhaps to the particular curve at the sides. The attention to detail and design of the outer primary aspects were certainly in a constructive search for the new Nokia N8.

The Home button on the front seems a bit ‘low pressure but it is too early to make conclusions.

This is a short extract of the first impressions. Following the gallery pictures and videos, and more surely soon

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Review: Microsoft Wireless Optical Dekstop 700

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Review: Microsoft Wireless Optical Dekstop 700

Obscure Washington outfit Microsoft present us with this, the Wireless Optical Desktop 700.

It’s been fairly inconsistent in the design and quality of its peripherals lately, swinging from the sleek Arc Touch to the almost unusable Windows 7 Touch mouse.

Recommended at £30 but available for a shade over £20, the Wireless Optical Desktop 700 features a well-built keyboard running on AAA batteries and a slightly flimsy mouse running on AAs, each communicating with your PC or laptop via a wireless receiver.

Key feature

As far as this reviewer’s weary fingers are concerned, the best thing about this package is the weighting of the keys.

The mouse, however, is less satisfying underhand. It’s extremely light, which makes it a bit of a nightmare in a gaming scenario. Despite this and some flimsy buttons, the real problem is that it goes to sleep too soon if you haven’t moved it in a while.

We can forgive the Wireless 700’s unsuitability for gaming because that’s not what it’s designed for, but this has an impact on everyday desktop use. It’s an issue that plagues many wireless mice, particularly at the budget end.

The big problem here is the absence of any lights for caps, num and scroll locks. Okay, it’s £30, but no lights? It affects the most fundamental keyboard tasks, and is something that £10 keyboards get right.

It’s easy to get up and running wirelessly and while the mouse doesn’t feel great, we doubt either peripheral will fall apart any time soon.

However, you should only consider this keyboard and mouse if your needs necessitate a wireless setup, and your budget’s locked down to this price point. There are better wired bundles for the same price, and better wireless ones for a bit more.

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Review: Smart Witness Smart-i

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Review: Smart Witness Smart-i

The tiny Smart Witness Smart-i is certainly the smallest network camera we’ve tested. While its tiny size means it offers some fun features and possibilities, it causes a few problems as well.

There are two ways to connect to the Smart-i. The first is to link it directly to your PC, smartphone or tablet. The Smart-i broadcasts its own wireless network, and once we’d connected to it via our test laptop, we simply opened a browser and accessed the IP address to access the video stream.

Despite the camera’s diminutive size, the image quality is pretty good. The ‘Stream images’ option didn’t work in Internet Explorer 9, but it did in Chrome. You can change the resolution and compression of the footage, though the higher compression makes the video stream look awful.

Watching the video on a smartphone is also easy – simply access the IP address using a browser. There are also Android and iPhone apps available to record footage to your phone.

The direct method of connecting the Smart-i suffers from a major shortcoming: you’re limited to the Smart-i’s wireless range, which is around 20 metres. This means that the only footage you’ll be able to record with he Smart-i will be of things you can see with your own eyes anyway.

To get around this limitation, you can connect the Smart-i to your wireless network by switching it to ‘Setup’ mode. With a bit more tinkering, you can then to access the video stream via another computer on the network, or over the internet.

This is easily solved, but a more troubling shortcoming then presented itself. We noticed that the Smart-i became very hot when running, and the battery life was just under two hours. This severely limits the usefulness of the device, though a USB power adapter is available for an extra cost.

As a fun novelty it’s not a bad device, but the Smart-i isn’t going to replace a full-size network camera.

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Review: Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

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The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 is a pretty standard wireless PC keyboard, but it has a few nice features and design choices that make it worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a new keyboard.

To begin with, the K360 is pretty small – around three quarters of the size of a usual keyboard. This reduction frees up a lot of space on the desk, and makes it easier to carry around.

We’ve often found that typing for long periods on a laptop – or even worse, a netbook – can be quite uncomfortable. So having a larger keyboard to use on them, that is still small and light enough to fit into a laptop bag is a real bonus.

Smaller keyboards can often lead to more discomfort and, unlike a lot of recent Logitech keyboards, the K360 is not ergonomically designed. However, we found that when using it, the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 felt very comfortable – a lot of this being down to the ample spacing between the keys.

The small size also allows for an excellent battery life of around three years.

As well as six media-centric keys (back, forward, play/pause, mute, volume down and volume up) there are 12 programmable F keys for linking to much-used applications such as internet browsers and email. These can be easily programmed via Logitech’s user-friendly software.

Another nice bonus is that if you have a number of other wireless Logitech devices, such as the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, then you can connect them all up to a single USB dongle, freeing up your computer’s USB ports.

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